Thursday, July 26, 2012

Like MMPT on Facebook

So sorry, but it is LATE and I have to get up EARLY!  Going to work in my Shreveport clinic in the morning.  And that's about an hour and a half away!  I am not used to getting up that early!  Bring on my Keurig!

So no big long story line tonight.  But I do have one request...
If you haven't already, I need you to go to the Melanie Massey Physical Therapy facebook page and "LIKE" us.  I was going to have a contest with Keith, aka Keif, who thought he could get more likes that I could.  It started out as a joke.  And then, he said he could get 1500 by the week's end.  He started somewhere around the 1150 mark.  He is only missing it now by 136.  I would've never dreamed he could have done that, but he got busy.  So, in my doubt, I told him, if you can get 1500 likes, I'll give you a bonus.  Although I never said what KIND of bonus he'd get!!

So, if you love me, and you want to help Keif, go LIKE us here...!/pages/Melanie-Massey-Physical-Therapy/333060581411

And then tell about three more of your friends to do the same, or your co workers at work, or post it as your status even.  I can guarantee you that you will not regret it.  We post at least one uplifting, happy, motivating status per day, and who couldn't use more JOY in their day, right?!

Thanks for helping a brotha out.  He has until midnight tomorrow!! 



Bj said...

I follow you on FB it! BJ

Sharidrew said...

Shoot! I had already liked the MMPT page. Looks like you're up to 1393 though. I will spread the word!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

I follow your page and now just LIKED MMPT!! You are now up to 1404!!

Mbeaty19 said...

Love following MMPT's page on Facebook. It's so uplifting seeing all the posts and the accomplishments of your patients and your staff.