Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random house pics

I really have no idea if the above video will play.  I never have very good luck out of them.  It is Ellie sending Robin a thank you video for cutting up her tie dye shirt to have swingy fringe, and although I asked Robin to IGNORE her requests to have it off the shoulder, it seems the neck was cut just wide enough for my oldest to stretch that puppy right on over! 
And this is my realization moment that I have WAAAY too much jewelry. 
I think it is a "big girl" thing.  We go to a super cute shop, and can't fit into anything. But one thing we CAN buy... jewelry!
And then, you add in all the jewelry I make myself, which is totally overboard!
These are all older earrings that I hardle wear at all anymore.  I need to have an online jewelry sale!
These are my new hooks that I've recently added to hand some of my faves on.
And just to get an idea... this is the second drawer.  It is full of my thin bracelets.
And this is the top drawer of the dresser.  It is full  of mostly jewelry made by me.  They are mostly the thin ones, that I'd wear when I am not trying to be all gaudy like.
Here is the total cabinet.  It is smack FULL of jewelry. I kinda need to work on this section of my closet, I'd say!!
This is one of the older ones I wore this week.  It's one of my faves.
And yet another totally random Mo post for the week! 
Been cray cray round here.  Maybe things will slow down soon.  And, Riley, you decide on the next retreat date, and hopefully it'll mesh with my schedule, and we'll just nail it down.  And that'll be that!



Kathryn said...

Ooh! Pretties! Hey, we will be in Orange Beach starting 12/27. Why don't you guys come down to your condo for a weekend or so? The guys can golf - John is still finding courses, and I know Todd has to know all the good ones. You can take me to all your best shopping places, or we can hang on the winter beach. We have an indoor pool, too. We will only be there for 10 days this time.

Zhohn said...

Girl, yes you have too much jewelry! I agree, it's a 'big girl' thing. I go into these boutiques that sale tiny clothes so I buy SHOES! And more shoes! Sometimes jewelry but I don't wear it too often. I do have a favorite boutique close to my house that has two racks of my size clothes! So I stay faithful to her and buy my shoes there too ;)

Have an online sale, I bet your faithful bloggers won't let you down!
Ellie looks so happy in her shirt!

Amy K said...

The video worked. She's too cute. That's a lot of awesome jewelry indeed. Are you pleasantly surprised some days to find something you forgot you had?
Happy Sunday!

Holly said...

Love the video! She's so cute!!!

Riley said...

Woo hoo Mo! Super excited for a fall art retreat!! My first pick is September 21-23 or second pick September 28-30. What do you think?