Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Closet cleanout

As you all know, I have a short attention span!  And with that, I digress from the adventurous weekend we had last weekend and show you, Project ORDER!!  I am again fast and furious on the clean up/ out mode in my house.
Today I actually had an upper GI scope.  FINALLY!!  And before anyone freaks, it was A-OK.  They basically found nothing. But as many of you may know, my reflux had gotten out of control. (Here I go again... there's a bird!)  Anyway, I was up ALL night long for months!! I mean, sleeping on a wedge, about three pillows, a prescription med twice a day, handful of Tums before bedtime, and usually again when up with the coughing and choking, and sometimes an extra over the counter reflux med midday.  And then..... I gave up Diet Cokes.  And I mean cold turkey like.  And guess what.  GONE!  NOTTA.  Not even taking a single pill!!  I wouldn't have believed it if anyone had tried to tell me.  Not even sure how I figured it out myself.  I actually think it was God if you really wanna know.  He let me know, time to quit, then He let it be.  No headaches.  No real cravings even!

Ta Daaaaah.  But,  kept my appointment at the GI doc.  I still had some other symptoms that were plaguing me, and still can't eat normally.  And as I predicted, it's all lapband related.  Ugh.  Oh well. 
Now, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah... my closet.
So, you are seeing the BEFORE pictures.
No rhyme or reason to the short sleeve, long sleeve, summer, winter, etc.  And I can't wear about 1/2 the stuff in there.  (again!)
We've taken so many trps this summer, that half the bags I packed are still full, just sitting on the floor, waiting to be attended to
I mean, seriously.
I don't even have any organizaton to my purses, bags or shoes anymore.  And it has to STOP.
I am having a jewelry OVERLOAD problem.  I think I am about to sell a whole bunch of it.  I have found a "swap" place on faceook, where it is basically like an online garage sale. 
 I think it is primarly for local folks, as you have to meet to exchange goodies for moolah.  Today, KK and I did Gabbi's closet.  OH MY!!
I kid you not when I say we have about 30 pair of shoes.  And probably 75 or more items of clothes.  And then there's this... the top of my closet.  See all the little tabs of paper?  That is where KK helped me about a year ago sort my clothes into the ones I could actually wear, and the ones that are about a size too small.  I couldn't bear to throw them away, sure that I would lose some weight.  But, look at those piles. 
And that was just on one side... here's the other.  It is time to get rid of them.  Especially now that I have found an outlet to make a little side cash.  I am NOT a waster!  I cannot stand to throw ANYTHING away!  I usually do the hand me down deal with my girls' clothes.  ANd as for mine, I called someone who I knew was about a size behind me and let them take a big wad of what they wanted.  But, there's so much more to deal with now.
If you are from West Monroe area, be checking out the Twin City Swap Swap (or something like that  on Facebook), because ol Mel is about to RID herself of clutter... that means my clothes, the girls clothes, suitcases, extra bags, scarves, jewelry, housewares, etc.  I am kinda looking forward to it.
And this is the after... please note the color coordination.
And the fact that all the hangers are the same.  I just about can't stand having mismatched hangers.
And guess what... I can wear EVERY one of these pair of pants.
And these too.... at least for the meanwhile.  I hate that Labor Day rule on white pants.  Oh, who am I kidding... I dont' mind silly rules like that.  If I wanna wear white pants, I wear em!
WoW!  Would ya look at that pants rack?!  Bliss.
As I was working on the shirt rack, I had an epiphany.  I really, really, really like black and white striped shirts. 
And I kinda favor black in general 
MOre on this later.  Or maybe more on mine and the girls' trip.  Or maybe what's up at MMPT.  Or who knows... I'm a little flighty lately.  Look.  There's a bird!



Mama J said...

Oh how I can relate to the clothes...I so need to do the same thing. Just need to get rid of what I don't wear for whatever reason. I guess I am one of those 'hangers on'. You've given me some inspiration out...someone will be blessed soon. Thanks for the push..

Bj said...

Mo, I am sooooo on board with ya in this!! I retired 1-31-12, and have just completed a kitchen remodel that required me to empty EVERY cabinet and EVERY drawer in my kitchen. OMG!! I found "stuff" that I had forgotten I even had!! Get this....I actually have a couple of cabinets that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in them...go figure! Next in line is my back bedroom/inside storage room! When hubby and I married (2nd for both of us), thirteen years ago, we had to merge two complete that was a job! So, accolades to you girl...declutter,'ll feel better for so doing!! Huggers, BJ

Zhohn said...

Yay! Loving the ORDER. I was going to ask how it was going this year; order in the house, work, extra property, etc.

Dang, too bad I don't live in the WM area!

Can't wait to find out what you post about next time ;)

Sharidrew said...

Glad you figured out the reflux problem....mostly. I experienced that for the first time about a month ago. I think it was just taco bell. LOL. Anyway, it wasn't pleasant! So awesome to see order. I love your closet shoe area. AWESOME! Wish I lived in your area too. My wardrobe consists of tshirts, sweatshirts and jeans. I don't ever wear "nice" clothes. Enjoy your "order" mode. Have fun!

Hugs from Missouri,

Becky said...

Ok, I need that black and white checkered thing in your jewelry pile! (the pic after the purses and shoes!) My daughter loves racing, looks like something she might need! :)

I had given up pop about two years ago (for 6 wks) as a fitness thing for work. So now I really only drink it about once a week. Well last week after work I was so thirsty, so I grabbed a Mountain Dew (haven't had that in two years!) UGH!! Horrible heartburn... never again!
Hope you are feeling better!!!

snekcip said...

Whoa!!! Your closet looks like MINE did a few months back!! Mine was RIDICULOUS!!! It's was crazy, but most of the stuff NEEDED TO GO! I went in there w/a HUGE GARBAGE bag and put everything that I couldnt/wouldnt/ or thght "would come back in style" and bagged it all and sent it to GOODWILL! Then went to Bre closet and did a total cleanout too!!! MAN DID IT FEEL GOOD!!!

So far as the SODAS I totally went COLD TURKEY IN MAY!! Mo that is a GOOD MOVE!!! That SODA is bad on our bodies!! I have not had ONE soda since MAY!! NO more Dr P's, No Cokes NOTHING!! I don't even crave the soda at ALL, I've also given up all FAST FOOD and definitely NO FRIED ANYTHING anymore!! I thght I would give a burger a 'spin" the other day and took a couple of bites and it totally GROSSED ME OUT!! I couldnt eat it!! I don't know what it is...I just can't stomach it!! I decided I'm gonna start eating better and doing something for ME!! So I joined Zumba and absolutely LOVE IT!! Girl!! I've noticed a considerable TONING to my stomach most of all!! AMAZING!!!It's the BEST MONEY I have ever spent!!

Riley said...

Way to go Mo for taking care of you! These past six months have been all about making me a priority. I am happy to have lost 50 pounds and incorporated daily exercise. I can't decide whether kickboxing or my trainer kicking my butt is my favorite workout. I too decided to cut out Diet Dr. P because I don't really need it. I hope this is the start of many more positive changes for you!

As for the jewelry, bags, and clothes, I wish you would let Robyn or KK post some items on your blog. I would totally love some of your goodies and it sounds like other readers would too!

p.s. making myself a priority and losing weight is one of the main reasons I want to go to another art retreat. I want to use the retreat as a reward to meeting another goal!

Renee said...

Way to go! I'm a little OCD but do let my closet get the best of me at times. It's just so easy to let it get out of hand.