Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boating on the Rez.

Let's continue on our weekend of wild and crazy girl time.

We are still in Jackson, MS.   and now, we are all aboard Baxter's pontoon boat!
I am not one to want to feel that I am imposing.  And I'd already pretty much invited ourselves over to visit him and mom, so when he asked if we wanted to ride on the boat, well....of course we did.  Ellie kept whispering to me, "Ask him if I can drive."  I kept whispering back, "I am NOT gonna ask that.  If you want to drive, YOU ask him!".
It apparently paid off.  Both the girls got in a little time at the wheel.
And when one was driving, the other joined me at the front of the boat.  It was in the evening, the sun was setting, and it was so calm and peaceful.
Look closely.  This is an island that was near Baxter's house.  He and his neighbors bought these goats and perched them over on it to help control the growth.  They were doing a far job at best.  But, still... alligators, fish, egrets, and now GOATS... it was like we were on a boating safari!!
I LOVE this glassy look as we just chilled on down the river.
JinJin snapped a pic of me and my baby girl.

Do I look chill or not?!  I was LOVING this.  I think I could ride in  a boat every single day. Of course, I don't have to manage all the boat upkeep and clean up, so I really don't know what all goes into getting a boat ready to go.  Actually, Staci and I grew up on the river at home.  Dad always had a ski boat and we spent many a weekend on the river, skiing, and even camping on the sandbars.
Hey... there's ol JinJin.
And there's our captain.
I mean, seriously, are my kids blessed or what?!  They have a great Granddad and DeeDee, Nana and Pops, and now a great JinJin and Baxter.  Oh... and don't forget Kimmie.  And MimMim.  and .... well, they have all kinds of grandparents!!  One just can't be too loved, can they?!
Would you look at this sweet girl?!
And this one?!  She fought for that pink and purple life jacket, only to realize later that it was quite a bit smaller than the one she "made" Gabbi settle for.  She then went into the very dramatic, 'I'm choking", "it's tooo small", "I can't stand it"... etc.  But she had to live with her stengy consequences.  She mght share the pink one iwht her sister next time. Sorry, sidenote!
They were back to being pals though.
It was a good and relaxing weekend to spend with JinJin.
Even when we had an 8'or so alligator cross right in front of us as we were slowly cruising down the river to the big ol reservoir. You may have to click on it to see its nasty head!!  It didn't seem to mind us at all!
More to come on our exciting weekend. 



Zhohn said...

Oh this post is so calm and relaxing. I can't imagine how nice it was for you, y'all are always on the go. I bet Jin Jin loved being with her girls.

You're right, one can not be too loved! Y'all are so blessed and I know you will raise your girls to be just as grateful and wonderful as you are.

Kaia said...

Haha, serves ya right, Ellie! Couldn't help but laugh at her dramatic little sayings! Looks like a peaceful boat ride!

Amy K said...

Mo relaxing, now that's not something you hear everyday...so glad you were able to have such a peaceful weekend.
By the way, how is Jin Jin feeling these days? Her & Baxter seem to be good for each other.

snekcip said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time!! Isn't it peaceful out on the water?!!

Love all the pictures, but gotta know after viewing the backview of Ellie in her lifevest. Does is bother Ellie or Gabby at all? I had to stop snapping it between Bre's legs because of the awful rope burn it caused. Whether it was loose or tight...it always caused a rope burn. She wears it now w/out the "threading of it btwn the legs", I want her to wear it properly but the rope burn is truly unbearable on her.

MaryH said...

I love a pontoon boat and an evening lazy ride - not that it happens that often....but the gator....not so much - the goats are cute.