Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Getting closer... Ellie's 5th birthday ctd.

 We're getting close.  If I skip about 30 of my pics, I might be able to eeek by on only one more birthday post.  Maybe.  How CUTE is Jessi's daughter, Katlyn?  She'll be starting junior high this year.  Jessi is distraught.
And this little cutie is Breanna's third child, Hazel.  She was in Gabbi's dance class this year.
 Speaking of Gabbi.... she was serious about some ice cream!!
 Check out Robin's hands.  She was a trooper!  She single handedly hung every tie dyed tee shirt to dry.  Our goal was to slit them and make cover ups like the one she is wearing.  We didn't get that far.  But Ellie is NOT letting her slip out of this one!  She reminds me and Robin just about daily that she wants to "cut her shirt".
 See that big shirt?  That's mine... I only dyed mine purple and gold.
 I love it that there is no predictablility to who'll be at our parties!!  Teenagers, adults, toddlers, college kids... we have it all!

 Linda Lou wouldn' t miss the event for the world.  I mean, after all, we were at Cooper's party, weren't we?!
 Bennett was pretty surprised when his Sprite turned blue.  That was a very simple idea, but the kids kept going back to get another cup to be surprised by what color it would turn.  Score!
 JInJin was there, as was Miss Angie, who didn't even have a kid at the party.  She's just that kind of friend.  She just came to do whatever I needed done.  I was in a FOG for about three days prior to the party, as well as on the actual day.  So,  am thankful for my mama and good friends.
 AND my daddy!!  He and Nana showed up for all the festivities.
 He still owes Ellie a tree swing.  I told him "She" wanted one just like the one at his house.  Truth be known, I want it!!  The girls will LOVE it, but I think it'd be awesome in our big oak and match the rustic nature of the cottage and garden.
 Breanna couldn't take it anymore.  She whipped out the knife and did the honors.
 And wait no more... The suspense was killing some of you.  But now I feel there may be some disappointment.  It was "only" a tie dye cake.  I pinned a recipe on Pinterest and sent it to my buds, Kelly and Patti, who do all our cakes.  They'd never tried one like this, but I'll tell you... it was absolutely PERFECT!!
 Everything about her party was perfect!!
 But mostly just happy I have a healthy, happy, smart, able 5 year old.
I couldn't resist.... here's a close up of one of the finished shirts.  Pretty awesome, right?!



Kaia said...

What a fun party! Can you believe I've never ever done a tie dye shirt?!

Mama J said...

This one ranks up there Mel! Quite the event and Ellie totally soaking it up. Good job...and you were ill....go figure.

Liz Somers said...

I am loving reading about the party! I am sorry you felt crummy though, that stinks. Best laid plans...
Keep the pictures coming! I need to see Ellie's finished product!

Amy K said...

Awesome indeed! Your cake ladies rocked the tie dye.

Zhohn said...

Love Pops wearing his party hat! Such a trooper and oh yes, your girls need a tree swing.
The cake is so bright and perfect, beautiful. Looks like everyone had a blast. The shirts turned out cute.

Unknown said...

I am trying to figure out how I could copy this for a January party.

Unknown said...

I am trying to figure out how I could copy this for a January party.

Sharidrew said...

VERY COOL CAKE!! What an awesome party!! Can't wait to see more. And then, GG's party!! Whoot

Hugs from Missouri,

Shannon said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!

MaryH said...

No disappointment here on the "reveal" of the cake - that was perfect tie dye design! Amazing. I love the cut up shirt idea and don't blame Ellie for wanting it done. Great party and many kudos for gettin' er done in spite of how sick you were. You are blessed with a great group of family and friends. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us all of the party. Can't wait to see Gabbi girl's.

Renee said...

I love that the cake went along with the tie dye theme. Super cute. And I bet deelish!