Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moving right along...still birthday bashin'.

You KNOW I have about a hundred birthday party pics to share.  And guess what.  I didn't even take them.  I've been having camera problems.  I can never round up my cameras, chargers, batteries, card readers, etc, all in one place, so I have been functioning entirely with my iPhone lately.
Jessi knew better than to let that happen, so she brought her own camera, and did all the snapping.
Did you notice that's Staci working on her tie dye shirts?  And some large behinded girl in the black.  Give me a break... I had pneumonia.  Ha.
I gotta give Robin the props though.  She is the one who ended up hanging up every single shirt to dry.  She also prepped them in water and basically got covered in dye, all in the name of making my baby's birthday party special.  Thanks, Robin!
Did I mention that Ellie's "big" present was a new trampoline?  A real, full-sized trampoline.  I never had a trampoline growing up.  But I always wanted one.
Nobody's gonna like that tramp like this little chica.
And the water slide was never left isolated.  There was a constant stream of kiddos up and down that puppy.
 and then... it was PARTY TIME!!
 Oh wait, another little munchkin ready for his tie dye.
 And wait... a lttle more sliding before we could actually sing!
 So, Breanna took that opportunity to set out the party hats she so generously donated to the cause.  WE are good party pals like that.  I send anything I think she could use for her parties, and then she returns the favor.
 She actually makes thousands of these now.  She sells them to retailers. 
 THis is her baby of four, Mr. William.  I hardly think this is his first party hat!
 And Linda Lou is looking a little bit psycho with that knife.  Erybody might wanna stand back!!
 aha... finally!!  We sang and Pops lit the candles.  If I can get the powers that be tomorrow at work to upload video, I will have my baby's Happy Birthday song for ya.  ANd if not, at least, I will have a whole new slew of pics of the party for you to see.
thanks for tagging along.  Only 5 more weeks, today, for Gabs's 4th bday!!

See ya tomorrow.  Be nice.



Amy K said...

Those party hats are awesome! Everyone did a great job on sweet Ellie's party.
I hope you're back to feeling like your spunky self.

Zhohn said...

Everything is so adorable. I bet the girls will love that trampoline!

Oh my goodness, how can your baby girl be turning FOUR!!?? My time is flying.

Sharidrew said...

I've said it before....but your parties ROCK! Even though you were sick, you still throw a fantastic party! The hats are adorable! The trampoline is awesome! I grew up on them but we never "owned" one. Can't believe GG will be four!! Crazy! Can't wait to see more pictures and the cake surprise!! I'm on the edge of my seat!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

Cute party Mo! Love those party hats!

MaryH said...

Love those party hats - and the suspense.......to see the inside of the cake........maybe tomorrow, the knife was poised and the singing had occurred! Thanks for sharing and can't believe these baby girls are getting so big. Trampolines are the best - my girls "lived" on the one they had - they actually had a sleepover ON the trampoline one time - crazy girls - but they loved it.

Shannon said...

All cute and totally jealous of the trampoline (my hubby says no).
What does the inside of the cake look like???? :)

jenny said...

I hope we're going to see finished pics of the shirts! Love the hats.

Renee said...

You have some great friends and ya'll know how to throw parties.

Robin said...

FINALLY able to stop and catch up!! I was really honored to help with Ellie's big day!! Just thankful to be able to help YOU for a change! :)