Thursday, July 19, 2012

Can you believe she is FIVE?

 Just in case you didn't realize it... my girl is FIVE!! 
 I am pretty much in love with these gigantic numbers for their birthdays! I cut out a number from an old cardboard box.  And then, either paint it (like I did for Gab's third birthday) or tape that sucker, like we did for Ellie's number five.  There is so much cool duct tape now, and we added a little washi tape for fun texture and design.  And voila... an instant AWESOME photo prop.
 As for the fans and such, I actually borrowed these from Breanna, because, well, we have a party deal worked out where we swap our stuff  back and forth and repurpose it all or spray paint it to suit the new color scheme/ theme.  It's working pretty great so far!!  But, you can get such fans (I've been asked quite a bit) at Luna Bazaar.  Check it out. 

Ok, so these are our shirts drying.
 and Miss Priss got so many new toys.  I need a major closet clean out!
 Look who was checking out our work!  Todd the Bod was even pretty impressed with our handy work.  I made him a big ol purple and gold one, so he was sassified.
 THis is cutie Chloe.  She is the daughter of one of the women I work with.  And she is just precious!
 And here's Renee, Breanna's oldest daughter... with splatters of dye all over her face.
 and this is ME.... NO make up... fresh from a breathing treatment, sweaty and coughing my head off... but I was there.  Perky as I could pretend to be.  Tying and Dying with the best of em.
 My girl had a great time.  She really loved her party.  And that's all that mattered to me.
Her happy mom,


Amy K said...

The big 5 is awesome. Next to the little birthday peanut, it probably looks even bigger.
Great expression on your face as well Mo. Hope you're feeling better each day.

Zhohn said...

I love the big 5!
Such a great party, can't wait for Gabbi's!

The Shoemake Family said...

Hope you are feeling better. Take care of yourself. Any plans for retreat as school starts aug 9 th here so I'll have to take a day off. Want to come soon :)

MaryH said...

Mo, I feel for you - so glad the party was a great success and hopefully you are feeling much stronger. Can't believe Ellie is 5 - I remember when you first brought her home. I may have to steal your number idea next year from my grandson's party - he just turned 3 and had a blast - because of so many different family scenarios he blew out 5 number 3 candles in the course of celebrating his birthday. Take care of yourself.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ You are so creative, that "5" is a great idea, I just love it! Happy Birthday sweet Ellie and have the most fun year to go along with it!
Now, I am looking forward to Gabbi's birthday bash - I bet she can't wait!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Diana from Colorado

The Mommy said...

Oh, the things we moms will do for the happiness of our kids....

Awesome party, by the way!

Five years just flies by in a flash, doesn't it? My baby just turned seven! ...and my oldest baby is about to be 16! 16! HOW?!

Just keep enjoying every moment.

Renee said...

Love the big number idea.