Monday, June 18, 2012

Pool stunts.

I think, perhaps, I have mentioned how much Ellie Sue enjoys doing cheerleading stunts.  Wellll....
Things are just sooooo much better when the "flyer" has a willing and ready "bast" to let her shine!
Ellie had it down pat, but poor ol Gabs was a little scared to stand all the way up. 
Every once in a while she'd get a little braver and we'd see her get a little more erect and put her hands in the air.
But this one... oh this one... she wanted to do things that required TWO bases!!
I'm so lucky to have sitters who don't mind doing whatever my girls wanna do and do it willingly and joyfully!
We are so blessed to have Katelynn and Courtney in our lives!!  Thanks, Girls.  (And did I mention that KK is our summer babysitter again this summer? Gonna be a FUN one!)



Bj said...

Yes, you are indeed blessed to have trusted babysitters! Your girls are blessed also! Thanks for sharing....huggers, BJ

Sharidrew said...

I'm so jealous of your babysitter situation! It totally rocks. And is such a blessing. Looking for a good babysitter is tough. Maybe because you have such adorable little girls and I have a smelly boy. Haha. Happy Tuesday!

hugs from Missouri,

Zhohn said...

Awesome sitters! ;)