Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heading to the waterpark!

Helllloooo, Monday!!  To kick  off a good week, let's let the fashion plate, Ellie Sue, show us the styles of the season.  First, please note the neon accents... yes, NEON is the happening thing in the tween fashion world for this summer's jetsetting 10 year old.
Next, please note the aviator style sunglasses, worn ATOP the head insted of ON the eyes!!  And again, NEON is where it's at!
Even Gabs is in on some of the fashion action.  All the rage among young uns is the ROMPER.  Or as Ellie says, "I wanna wear a 'rumper'".
Although it's difficult to tell here, Gabs is in a neon orange bathing suit, as they were headed to a day at the "water park".  Ha.  You know what that really meant?!  The OUTLET MALL!!
The last time we were in Gulf Shores, as we were heading out of town, we stopped at the outlet mall, and my girls noticed a couple of little boys (Probably because they can just pull their shirts off and they are water ready.  And probably because boys aren't usually too hip on shopping anyway!)  But, my darlings now call this fountain at the outlet mall, "the water park". 
I guarantee I am getting off easy with that one!!  No lines.  no admission fees!  No costs whatsoever!!  VERY cool!!  And right next to the fountain is a jungle gym, so they also feel they are at some big huge amusement park.  And wait.  That's not all.  There's more!!
There is also a sno cone stand within 25' of both of those great objects!!  So, our great babysitters being great as they are, took my baby girls to the water park, amusement park, and snowcone stand!! 
So, Ellie got her hair all dolled up (by now, surely you know my humor is of the sarcastic flavor!), and away they went.
Keep watchin this week! I have pictures of said highlight of the trip!!  You KNEW I would!!

Have a good week.  Joyfully use your gifts!! 



Zhohn said...

I'm loving Ellie's neon! She's on top of it in the fashion department. Really like her sunglasses. And GG is cute as always!

Oooh snowcones and 'waterpark' at the mall...perfect! ;)

Theresa Shirley said...

Oh man...they are so easy to please when they're that little, aren't they? They are just the cutest little girls ever! Sounds like you have some very awesome babysitters that love them very much! You are just so blessed, & it probably has a lot to do with the fact that you DO joyfully share your gifts (and lots of love) with others! Thanks for sharing all of that with your blogger friends too!! :)

Kathryn said...

I love that outlet mall. Something for everybody. All John knows about is the golf store, and that is fine.

Beth E. said...

Sounds like a great adventure in the making! Looking forward to the pics...