Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Family Pictures Take One!

Tired of beach pics yet?  Well let me humor you!  I thought it'd be such a great idea to try and get a few pictures in before our last night out with the crew. 
Everyone was in their matching attire, and we headed to the beach.
The wind was gale force! Seriously, we were having to pose all kinds of directions because of our hair situation.  And here we are... Gabbi, Me, Todd, Ellie and MY ARM!!
Ummm...NOPE!  That is NOT going on my wall!!  I'd have to decorate my arm with glitter or something.  Maybe pretend tattoos for a "sleeve".
Hey, let's try this arm!  Nope.  NO better.
Have you noticed there's hardly been a picture where we are all actually looking at the camera?!
And Gabbi had not had a nap and was NOT a happy camper.  Dang babysitters.  Can't they get anything right?!
Jusssst kidding.  I'm afraid after that last post, there'd be mutiny on the Bounty if I dissed the sitters!!  I couldn't have made it without them. 
So we decided to have a few little impromptu photos of the girls alone.
This one might be cute with a little Photoshop action!
This was originally in her hair, but she decided she needed to carry this barrette, and so I obliged.  ANything to get her to cooperate for photos.

And things went from bad to worse when it was time to take them back to the boardwalk to see if we could avoid the winds up there.  By then, Gabs had gotten herself a little taste of the sand and wanted to stay!  She is not easily motivated to change when she finds something she likes!
DAD to the rescue!
Actually, we had to carry her the whole way up.  She was not going peacefully!
We tried a few with the cellphone, and if you follow me on Instagram (melaniemomom), you probably saw a few of the outtakes, which, I think, turned out better than any of these with the better camera! 
Hang tight.  I separated our attempted family photo shoot into three different posts.  I bet you can hardly wait to see our next attempt!

Hey.  SEnd me a comment.  Let me see... I'll ask a question from my Daily Q & A book...you answer:
If this day was an animal, what animal would it be?!
I'll share my answer tomorrow!


Mama J said...

Good try Mo....you get Todd out to actually look at the camera and heaven forbid.. smile, and the kiddos and wind don't cooperate...go figure. LOL...BTW, God gave you those arms to hold those babies and your patients so quit picking....we think you rock.

This Feazell is a gazelle today...just gliding thru the day expecting great things!

Theresa Shirley said...

I love the pics! I think you were down there the same time we were in Panana City Beach. That Friday it was terribly windy & almost cool! Since you posted this last night, I would say yesterday was a big, bad BEAR!! But, I expect today to be much better :)

Sharidrew said...

I can't imagine trying to get a great photo in those conditions or even normal conditions. However, the pictures show exactly how your family is. REAL....it's pretty cool in my opinion! Perfectly staged photos are nice but sometimes can not seem "real". Anyway, if today was an animal it would be a hibernating bear that was made to wake from his sleep. LOL. Is it FRIDAY yet!!

Shannon said...

Snake - wanting it to slither on by to the weekend...I'm tired :)

Holly said...

Keep'em coming! I love ALL the pictures! What a great family you have. Treasure each day, they just fly by so fast! Can't believe Ellie is starting school! WAH!! She was just a baby like a second ago!! If today was an animal it would be a roadrunner! The coyote is after me! But with prayer I will overcome a difficulty that is hounding at me! "All is well, everything is working out for my highest good and out of this experience only good will come, and I am safe.". (Repeat to self constantly!). Lol! It's the difficult times that make us appreciate the good times.

Shannon said...

I would like to be a cat curled up someplace soft and sleeping!

jenny said...

Hi Mo - I actually love that first pic you posted!
Today is going to be a butterfly day. I LOVE bright colors and I bought this gauzy long-sleeve shirt that has a turquoise background with huge red and orange poppies and lilies with bright green stems. It's very bold and flowing and makes me think of a butterfly. Bright colors make me so happy. Have a glorious butterfly day yourself!

Elizabeth said...

A bull in a china shop!

MaryH said...

A long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! Nuf said.

Amy K said...

A bear - probably why I'm commenting on yesterday's blog post today!