Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach Family pictures: Take 2... Ellie's turn.

Ok, I told you... it's about a three part series... at least!
Can you tell the wind was nuts?!  WOW!!  Nice face there, Mel, in the next pic!
None of these are worthy of the wall.  Dang wind.
And I think it was right about here that Ellie decided to start making goofy faces, so then it totally went to pot.
Todd was laughing at her, so it just got crazier.  And Gabbi pretty much just wanted to lie on my shoulder and go to sleep.
WAIT!!  With a little Photoshopping, this one might just work!
Bow, get thee from afront of me.
Todd still being attacked by hair!!  Oh the life of a man in a family full of women.  I'm saying, "Just keep smiling, Todd.... Just keep smiling.   Maybe one will turn out."
And because ol goofy butt wanted to make weird faces, we gave her her own little photo shoot.

I really like this one. It is a face familiar to me and one day I will look back on these days and miss this little expression.

So, there you have it... still no beach family photo.  Well, maybe one!?
And to answer the question from yesterday.... Thanks to you who answered it. I had 9 comments after work, and it is so much more fun for me to have an interactive blog than one where I just tell you about me...

I think my day yesterday could be categorized by a little monkey, the kind that jumps quickly from branch to branch always paying attention to his environment with his head jerking quickly in a thousand directions.  That's because I currently have two PT students doing their internships with me.  I am responsible for my own patients and any I delegate to them.  I had to quickly adapt and move from one situation to another.  It's actually where I thrive, so I had a very good day!

As for today, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GADGET?  Not being specific here... could be artsy, could be technical, could be a make up gadget.  Or, could be for cooking, gardening, whatev!!

I'm gonna say mine is the Tim Holtz mini fastener... aka a stapler that does small staples.  I love to adhere things with staples.  THey are quick and funky, if you can get the colored ones.  I like to ergonomics of that stapler too.  It's fun to hold.  Ok, so holla back!



Jerelyne Nemanich said...

This one is easier:) technically it is my iPhone - communication, camera, organization and connector to others.
Fun gadget, on my desk I have about 3 slinkys. I can't not have something in my hands at all times and these help me concentrate and fun for others who visit my office.

Amy K said...

My favorite gadget is my fun little vintage alarm clock looking kitchen timer. I use that thing for so many things, and it's cute.

Bj said...

Mo, I love ALL the pictures, because they sooooo tell the story of your life and you will indeed look back one day and treasure these photos...they are awesome! As for my favorite "gadget"...mine is my electric Multi-Cooker. It slow cooks, sautes, cooks rice (brown and white), I have cooked pineapple upside down cake in it, you can put meat in it right from the freezer (no need to thaw)and...when cooking cycle is over it automatically goes to "warm" is just awesome!

Zhohn said...

The pics are great...they're y'all!

My favorite gadget is by far my phone, I can do anything and keep up with everything!

Shannon said...

Tech = ipad

Kitchen = current is my cherry pitter

Garden = water wand...dry dry dry here in Nebraska

Have a great day!!

Monica said...

Hi Mel
I love love love my Cuddlebug. I can use die cuts or embossing folders for all my hand-stamp projects.
Works great when adding little "extras" to my mini scrapbooks.
Take care,
Monica....from Wisconsin :)

Holly said...

Years ago I tried to take a Christmas card photo of my grandsons aged 4 and 1-1/2. I was so frustrated - I didn't get even one. Now when I need a good laugh I look through those 90+ pictures and laugh til I cry! I should have used one, they are HILARIOUS!! The big one with the little one in a headlock, etc. I've learned all pictures are good with a little time! Even ones of me....I hate having my picture made, but I don't want the family to look back years later and wonder where I was or if I ever came to anything!

You guys are the perfect picture of the perfect family!

My favorite gadget is my iPad. Although I think I waste more time than I ever did because of it!

Have a great day!

khulet said...

Love all the pictures as always! My favorite gadget would have to be my iPhone too...keeps track of all my WW Points for the day and keeps my in touch with my kids at all time...we are the texting family!

Becky said...

Mo - I just love all the photo's and i think that one of he four of you doesn't need to be photo shopped - it tells who and what you all are and I love them. My favorite gadget if you would call it that is the flip flops with the can opener in the sole of it - that way you are always ready and able to pop the top.

Shannon said...

iPhone without a doubt!

Sam said...

My new favorite gadget is reading glasses! I turned 47 this year and have now lost the ability to see small print! My older sisters told me it would happen and now it has! My husband is 48 and I am 47 with a 7 year old daughter! She tells me that I am smokin hot with them on!

Susan said...

Coffee maker...can't start the day without it!

Emily said...

My new favorite gadget is this plastic thing to core the inside of a whole pineapple. It is SUPER simple and easily twists all the way down in the pineapple. When you pull it out WHOALA-you have a whole pineapple's worth of fresh sliced spirals. And as a bonus you have the whole empty pineapple now about half full of juice-just right for adding the good stuff to it and having a pineappl-y drink in the shell!

snekcip said...

My Canon Rebel camera by far!!

Patricia said...

This one's easy......Corkscrew! :)

Patricia said...

This one's easy......Corkscrew! :)

jenny said...

Jar Opener from Lee Valley
(Item # 50K41.01 ) - really a neat little tool - it just releases the vacuum seal so that even a big ole jar opens easily.

We're heading to the Oregon Coast next week ourselves - can.not.wait!

blessedmomof3 said...

Pampered Chef can opener! Opens every can neatly with no effort, no sharp edges. It is a great gadget! Well worth the price!

Rhonda said...

I'm terrible because I never comment, BUT I absolutely READ!!! And I'm your Facebook friend, so I keep up that way too! Your girls are ABSOLUTE DOLLS!!!! I would just love to squeeze them both ~ PRECIOUS!!!! My favorite gadget is my Keurig coffee maker ~ I'm the only coffee drinker in my family and I love trying all the different wonderful coffee and creamer flavors!! It's a fun way to start my day!

HeartSong said...

Favorite morning gadget--milk steamer--start each morning with a latte--wakes me up happy. Favorite evening gadget--
CO2 cork popper--end several days a week with 1/2 glass of wine--makes me go to sleep happy. Favorite gadget the entire rest of every day--iPad--hands down! How can one item simultaneously increase productivity AND decrease productivity. SMH