Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beach Family Pictures: Take 3

A few more.  Glad so many of you like our candid shots.  This is right about the time that Ellie decided to help us by picking Gabbi up to console her.
And ol sista guhl was NOT having it!!  AT ALL.
But look at Ellie.  You go girl... keep on smiling and looking at that camera.
This looks like it went on forever, but actually, we were just steadily clicking.  I was determined that at some point something would look like they were both facing the camera and both smiling.
Ya know how every once in a while a cry can look like a smile?  I was hoping.  ANd by the way, this wasn't really a "Cry".  It was more of a whine/ fuss/ pout.
Gabs is like GET ME AWAY FROM THIS HEIFER!  And Ellie?  Well, Ellie is still just a smilin!!
Then, she's like, oh well, nevermind all that action.  Let's do ocean!
Todd hung with them awhile.  By now, he needed a drink!
I mean, think about it... he had to wear a peach shirt, go to the beach for photos, have hair in his mouth, put up with an extremely cranky kid, then break up a sibling war.  Can you say "FUN"?
What'd you think about my beach dress choice?  We've done white, coral, black, chambray, so I wanted something different.  These cute little dresses came from Target.
Don't even get me started on Target clothes for little girls.  OH MY!!
Gabbi, I'm afraid, is going to be the sister who never gets quite as dark as the other sister.  Ellie gets BROWN!!  Gabbi gets FRECKLED!
The wind continued to be insane, and I continued to wonder why I'd forced them all to the beach.  The Boardwalk was perfectly fine!
But you know, when at the beach, you feel you need to take a picture ON the beach!
So, we let them play a bit at the water's edge so MAYBE, just MAYBE we could get a good pic if we got a little play in and a little energy going.
And when the rest of the group headed back up the boardwalk, my sweet angel baby stayed there to reflect.
She actually had NO intention to join us.  She is a mermaid at heart.
Now THIS might be on my wall after it's lightened up a little bit by my friend, Becky.  Becky?  Becky?  You reading this!?  Becky...You love me don't you!?
Todd was LONG gone!!  He was not having the mermaid moment.  But, also check out the red flag.
The red flag that flew most of the week because the water was ROUGH, the waves were high, and the wind was strong.  (I LOVE wind though... unless I am taking pictures... so I liked the reprieve from the heat).
Ok... next question.  I am loving the feedback.  It makes me feel so much closer to you.  (that's my sarcastic voice!)  But really, I do like "knowing" who's reading the blog.  Soooo....

If your personality could be summed up by a single color... what would it be?!  AND WHY?

My student, Audra, just said either "Rainbow" or "sparkle" for me.  But what I say is maybe...
LIME GREEN.  I think it is bold, bright, demands a little attention.  (not the best quality, but I do tend to get in the front and take charge).  Also green is earthy and I L.O.V.E my hands in the dirt, and I always feel the most at home sitting on my porch or out by my cottage or in my garden.  That's me... what's you?!



Riley said...

I LOVE your choice of beach picture clothes. Y'all were so cute despite the lack of 4 smiling faces all looking towards the camera.

My color is apple green. It is bright yet soothing, earthy and joyful.

Jerelyne Nemanich said...

Light yellow- introverted, reflective, tend to want to stay in background

Mama J said...

Ahhh..mine would be pink. Soft, easy on the eyes, but just enough color to reach out and 'spank' ya if you try to put something over on me..LOL

Love the beach pictures. Aren't you blessed to have these two opposite personalities?

Amy K said...

Right there with you on Target's girl clothes! :)
I love how reflective GG looks out onto the ocean. Sweet photos, even though the conditions weren't ideal.
I've done those color quizzes, and I think you know this year I may have a slight obsession with teal (it just makes me smile)! I typically hover in between blue/green...logical, caring, creative, optimistic.

Shannon said...

Love Bright Pink...cheery, bright, happy ready to go!!
However, if pink is not is my go to color? Hmmm....wonder what that means?
Have a great weekend!

Kaye Cannon said...

Love reading your blog. It's the first thing I do in the morning while drinking my coffee. Orange, that's me.

Sandy P said...

I think I would be brown because it can surprise you with how well it goes with all different things!

As for Target dresses, I love them. My 5 year old is graduating to the girls from the toddlers though. Clothes are not nearly as cute on that side of the aisle!

kimybeee said...

comment hog lol

i love the pics - that is real life!!

as for a color - i am all about the blue. the only blue i don't want a part of is a "code blue" lol i am anywhere from baby blue to match my eyes to navy blue. i don't like teal or any of the green-blues. i do like the grey-blues, but anybody that knows me at all knows i am BLUE!!!

kimybeee said...

and next time do pics when you get to the beach instead of right before you leave so you have more options!!

Amber said...

Love the pics.. Always a stressfull time around here to get everyone together and to get a half decent pic of us. I would have to say clear is my fav we all joke around here and they tell me that they can see right thru me.I believe they have me figured out. I am banned from target... I will think of 20 different reasons why I need to go and my husband will think of 20 reasons why I shouldn't go.

Sam said...
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Susan said...

Love seeing all the pictures! As for my color, I would say green. It's my first choice for a calming color and it can blend in or stand out depending on the mood or shade! :)

MaryH said...

Love the dresses. Love the ones with the two of them and the aqua colored petticoat was showing as Ellie was touching the water or the sand.

My color, is sea foam green - love the sea, love any form of the color green - have a lot of pale green in my bedroom - very calming to me.

SmileyGirl said...

I may not comment but I'm always reading! I'm a bright yellow girl - bright, cheery, smiley and happy. Even if I'm having a bad day I just look at the smiley faces around me and I'm set!

Emily said...

I would have to say I think my word would be YELLOW....its my favorite color and it is bright and warm...2 things that I hope folks get from my personality.

Becky said...

Well, I assume I'm not the Becky you were looking for, as I am not savvy on the computers and photo editing! But I'll comment anyway... the LOVE the girls dresses! Hope you are enjoying the summer!

Becky from Minnesota!!

Becky said...

BTW... the previous post does say S-A-V-V-Y, but apparently the computer makes it looks like a W! Sorry!

Kala said...

I have enjoyed all the beach photos. I'm so jealous that I don't get to go there this year. My favorite color is blue. It reminds me of water, and I like to go with the flow. Ha!

HeartSong said...

Though I don't comment that often, I read all of your posts. They always make me smile. And it's so wonderful to get to watch you enjoying your girls--God is good! As for one color--who could ever narrow it down to one? I must be part chameleon, only instead of changing my color to "blend into" the background, mine would change to bring contrast and spice things up, or accent something that is too dreary. So----pick a color, any color! :)

Kathryn said...

Honestly, Melanie, I think my color right now is taupe. And, I want to redecorate my outlook ASAP! Need a little spine stiffening and a kick in the pants to get moving with this phase.

Zhohn said...

Oh I'm with you on Target girl clothes! I LOVE LOVE Ellie's complextion once the sun hits her skin ;) but can't help to love those little freckles on Gabbi's sweet face!

Right now I'm kind of teal. I was blue earlier today :( but things are better tonight so I'm more of a teal, it makes me happy too, such a happy color ;)

How's Madi?? Sweet girl, hope she gets some answers soon.

Renee said...

The girls' dresses are perfect. Love the colors. I have a neice who when younger boo hoo'd for pics too. It got to be quite funny. Now though at age 11, you can't keep her out of a picture. Always hamming it up.