Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On the boardwalk.

It's a nightly deal.  We head in from the beach, get a big ol bunch of baths, put on sweet clothes and go out to eat with the big crew.  Usually meaning over 30!
Last night, we hung around the condo.  We typically make creamy tacos every summer, at least one night, and last night was that night.  Creamy tacos are some unbelievable cheesy concoction we pour over Doritos, and add lettuce, onions, tomatoes.  Anyway, the girls got one more exciting surprise as we stopped for a minute on the boardwalk.  These cheerleaders had apparently just won the spirit stick... or rather spirit banana!?  ANd they wanted everyone in the entire condo complex to KNOW it!!  My girls were intrigued!
My Gabbi Girl posed with me.
But that crazy Ellie Sue would only pose with KK!
And we all headed off to Avalon.  We are in Catalina.  There are four condo buildings.... Avalon, Bristol, Catalina, and Doral.  ABC and D. 
This is very often my view.... Gabbi tugging me along, holding my hand.  But for a split second, she got free of me, and I am so glad I had my camera handy!
This is my free spirited Gabbi!!  She started dancing right in the middle of the boardwalk.
She was twirling and dancing....
And it was just the sweetest little thing I've ever seen.
I think I like this dancing photo the most.  I love how her little back foot is turned in and under and she is at the ready to twirl!
Along the way, Gabbi had to stop and pick flowers for everyone we were on our way to see!!
I love this evenging view at the beach!
Here, Gabs stops to give Paula her flower with direction to "put it in your hair".
And she gave one to Mary Allison.
Soon to follow, she would give one to Miss Linda, Linda Lou, and Miss Katy.  All thought she was about the sweetest kid they've ever known. Really, I think she is.
And she gives her love willingly.
ANd so many people love her too. 
We've had a total blast with all of our favorite peeps in one place so far from home.  We have done nothing but beach it and go out to dinner every night.  Party of 35!  My mind has been calm and clear and I have had so many new ideas/ thoughts for MMPT.  I love it when that happens!!  See ya tomorrow.



Zhohn said...

Sweet Gabbi!

Love all the pics. Glad everyone is having so much fun and relaxing!

snekcip said...

Love the pics of Gabbi!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
You are right, she is without a doubt the cutest, sweetest little doll and so loving too. You & Todd did well with your two little angels!!!
And Ellie & the cheerleaders - hysterical. She is just a crack up.
You & Todd have a beautiful family and it really shows through your girls.
Keep up the good work & I love seeing your daily adventures.
Have a great Thursday,
Diana from Colorado

Becky said...

I am so glad you are having fun! Gabbi has really changed alot from last year - "free spirit this year dancing in the streets, last year she was pretty much glued to mama's hip. I know you hated to leave Gabbi home the other night, but wasn't it nice just having a you and Ellie night out- I'm sure it made her feel extra special. Have a joyous day - I know you will. Becky

Renee said...


Tammy said...

God I love your beach posts! I love them all, but these are my favorites!!

Tammy said...

God I love your beach posts! I love them all, but these are my favorites!!