Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ellie and the big girls.

Should there be any small, minute doubt about whether my Ellie Sue is having a good time at the beach, stay tuned!!  This post is all about her.  And Emma Lou.  And Aimee!
 As you know, if "big girls" are involved, Ellie is A-OK with it, no matter what the project.  But you add in a few cheerleading stunts, and GET BACK JACK!
 Both of these girls are so sweet to Ellie.  She follows them around like a little lost pup, but they have been so kind to her, basically keeping her involved with all that they do. If they go up to the condo, so does Miss Sue.  If they change from beach to pool, you know who is right behind them!
 Oh my... she even survived a basket toss!! 
 And. LOVED. IT!!
 Just like Emma Lou's mom, Aimee's dad and I went to junior high and high school together!!  Remember on Mother's Day, my friend, Lane, who was sitting looking out the window at the club with my girls where we took mom for lunch?!  Do ya remember that?!  Well, if so, that is Aimee's dad.  He was always so fun and high energy and positive.  Aimee is just like him! 
 And Emma Lou has every single reason to be OVER Ellie following her and her every move, but she tolerates it like a champ.  Even when her friends are over, she never seems to mind if Ellie "crashes the party".  Thanks, Emma Lou, for being Ellie's mentor and friend.
 Oh yeah, baby... stunts out the wazoooo.
 All oceanside.  And in the middle of the Circle of Love.  So she had an audience which seems to just FUEL her fire!!  Look at those pointed toes.  Ha.
 3 beach days down, 3 to go.  waaaahhh.
But we are having a blast!!  And to answer your question.... we have had NO adverse reaction to the sunblock this year.  I acutally forgot about it.  As did KK and CoCo.  When I read your comment to them, they were like I was with a gasp and an open mouth, realizing we'd all forgotten about it.  But, no big deal this year.  Thankfully!!  And thanks for asking.  And reminding me!  ha.



Zhohn said...

Looks like Ellie is in heaven! So glad everyone is having fun and relaxing!

Enjoy your last few days!

Amy K said...

That girl is multi-talented, and too cute as well!

I wish I was relaxing on the beach. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Continue soaking up the goodness.

Marie said...

Glad to hear, maybe it was just bad sunscreen? She is adorable as always! Enjoy your vacation!