Monday, June 4, 2012

Tacky Jacks with the big crew!

My little tween went with us to eat at Tacky Jack's.  I know you have heard me talk about this place, because it is one of my favorite places to go when I am in Gulf Shores.  Actually, we go to the hole in the wall Tacky Jack's, not the new nice one on the canal.
Gabs was still asleep when we left, so we decided to go on without her.  Her daddy didn't really want to go, so we left them at the condo, and we headed to the restaurant to wait on the BIG group!

Ellie thinks she is so big when she is around the college girls.  Well, actually, Emma and Amy (10 years old) and Sarah and Taylor (17 years old) both bring out her "big girl" as well!!
I know I have shown all this before, but we LOVE to eat out over the bay!  Can you see Ellie and KK in this picture?!
How bout now?!  Look for a touch of orange!!
While those two dingdongs walked all over the marina piers, Courtney and I secured the table.  As a matter of fact, we secured seats for the 35 others who were on their way and also with our party!
Because we had only four of us to get ready, and the other 35 had to wait on each other, we went ahead and had a bunch of photo ops.
Really, if you stay on Fort Morgan, the peninsula that juts out at the bottom of Alabama, you really need  to go to this cool eatery!
And go right about the time of sundown.  Cause it is truly stunning!!  And you have to ask for an outdoor table!
We watch the sun go down and the weather is nice here in the evening.  And the sky is STUNNING every time I am here.  I don't think it can be a fluke.  I have to assume it is awesome every night!!
Then the friends came along.  We had the teen tables, the adult tables, and then some mixed areas.
I think it is pretty impressive that we could get 35 all on the outside eating deck.
And when there, might I recommend the crab claws!!  Both the fried and steamed.  Dipped in that bucket of butter oh hellz yeah!!
Looking back at these pictures, I am feeling a little guilty for leaving my baby at the condo!!  Sorry, Gabs.  I'll make it up to ya!!
These two babysitters have totally made my time here awesome!! They take those girls to do anything and everything they want to do.  And because of that, I have been able to keep my mojo kinda chill.  If I was a 9/10 stress level at work, I'd say I dropped to a 3/10 within only two days!  And when that happens, interestingly, my creative juices FLOW!!  Even when it comes to work ideas.  In fact, MOSTLY about work ideas!! I love it when that happens!!
Oh, and for the record, go to Facebook, and go to Melanie Massey Physical Therapy page and LIKE our page.  We are having summer camps this week, and we will be having fun little challenges to coordinate with our themes each week. Today's challenge was to write a note to someone.  And typing or emailing doesn't count. It has to be handwritten.  We (or they!!) started passing notes at work today.. little happies... to uplift and encourage one another.  Take that challenge and improve the mood at your work too!  :)



Zhohn said...

Great pics, Ellie is beautiful as always!

Glad to hear you're relaxing.

snekcip said...

Ellie looks BEAUTIFUL in ORANGE! Oh heck, the kid is just beautiful...PERIOD!

Marie said...

She is darling! What did you ever find out about the sunscreen allergy?