Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Circle of Love.

For the record, this is my favorite bathing suit of Ellie's for the year.  ANd for the record, I bought it down here in Alabama at WalMart.  And for the record, Ellie now starts sentences with, "And for the record..."!  Ha.

Our daily grind is pretty much getting up, brushing teeth, and slathering up with sunscreen.  Then, beach bound!!!
and once we arrive, the party has already begun.  I don't think that is a diet coke in PauPau's cup, if ya know what I mean!
Around here, they are referred to as "fruities".  And each condo's designated mixologist has his or her's own recipe for their fruities!  Some are more orangey, some more lemony.  Some a little stronger than others.  And always, we have ziplocs FULL of cut up strawberries, pineapples, grapes, and kiwi to adorn the drinks.  It's pretty great!!
Of course, there are those who are just not conisseurs.  They are the beer drinkers.  Nothing fancy about them for sure!
How fun is it to be at the beach for a week with your very best friends?! 
And here's Miss Linda.  She comes with us every year, and typically right after the recital, so she is ready for a little down time!
Not sure WHAT this dude is doing?!  Nor what shape he is growing his beard into!??
Now, theeeeerre's a hottie!!
Oh wait.  I meant....
He was our very helpful lifeguard for the week.  He definitely took care of the Circle of Love.

Mary Allison kept her ipad on her lap, reading a book from sun up to sun down.

Even ol Sam seemed to have  a pretty good trip.  Things were going great until a transfer went all awry this morning.  I wasn't there, but I hear there may have been a little sand ingested... by him and Linda Lou.  Sorry, guys, for not being there to help.  I was at the outlet mall and let my buds down.
We have coolers full of juice drinks for the kids, adn Gab was keeping herself cool with a drink and a cute little sunhat.

I could just eat her up!! 
Oh, wait.  That's a popsicle!  Yep.  We had lots of those too!
And that girl LOVES the sand.  Know what that means to me?  Toting up shovels, rakes, buckets, etc every evening. 
But if it makes my baby happy, I will sho nuff do it!
I also get to haul up inflatable sharks and turtles and whales, oh my!
When my girls are at the beach, all the adults take turns playing with them, giving mama and daddy and even KK and CoCo a break.  Apparently, it was Linda Lou's turn.  And Ellie will miss no opportunity to pose.


Zhohn said...

Yeah..soak up the sun! It's been raining here (BR) for three days already and looks like the next five we may see rain everyday :(
Heading to the Gulf next Sunday, sure hope it's nice and sunny! The girls are precious as always, looks like they are having a blast!

I need a good 'fruity', share some recipes ;)

Sharidrew said...

We have a lot of sunshine here in Missouri! I know we need the rain, but I secretly wish it wouldn't. Of course we don't have sand and lovely beaches to enjoy though! Thanks for sharing. I want a fruity! No pineapple though, I'm allergic!! HA

Hugs from Missouri,

Mary said...

What a fabulous vacation!!! Wow! Makes me want to break out of this office. :)