Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dive-In Movie

 To anyone considering staying at the Beach Club...this is one of my personal favorite things they do for kids.
 The Dive in movie.  It's typically held one night a week, as there are other activities on the other nights, i.e. karaoke, live music, etc.
 They drag all the poolside chairs up around the big inflatable screen.  People find their spots.
 They even supply popcorn and cotton candy!!  On this trip, we had Gabs, Emma Lou, Aimee, and Ellie Sue.
 And the movie tonight was Alvin and the Chipmunks.  One of Gabs's recent faves!
 I'm not sure what was up with their cotton candy, but it was literally DRIPPING.  Does cotton candy DO that?!
 Lucklily, I am with Courtney who is apparently as big a spot master as my husband, so we are in good shape.  The cute light blue dress is CLEAN!
 So, if you are interested in the Beach Club, here's another reason to come!
 We are hitting the road back home today.  Ol Lizzie Girl is probably majorly missing her family!! 


Zhohn said...

Back home BOOOO! Glad y'all had a great, fun filled, relaxing week.

Safe travels!

MaryH said...

The dive in movie looks great. I loved going to the drive in movies - wish they still had them - it was great fun for the kids and fun to just pack up the car and go.