Friday, April 27, 2012

William's First Birthday

My buddy, Breanna's baby boy, William, turned one year old!!  Crazy, since it seems like just yesterday he was making his entrance!!  Her he is
with his grandmother, Terri, who also happens to work at MMPT Monroe!!  William's birthday was just before Easter, so Breanna combined the celebrations.  This is his older brother, Elijah, doing a little peeking while the adults were hiding the eggs.
And then Renee and Ellie took their turn to peek.  You KNOW Ellie found the oldest girl at the party to hang out with.
Breanna and I love to work together to make our chillen's parties AWESOME!!  She didn't ask for my help at all, but she knows I would've been glad to assist.  Looks like she had it totally under control!
Breanna typically keeps her parties very small scale.  Usually her kids, my kids, a cousin or two, and her best friend's children.
Ellie was ready to find the eggs. ( LOOONG before it was time to find the eggs!)
This party was in the morning, and I LOVED the cute little brunchy foods.
I especially liked the mini stacks of pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries.
Breanna makes party hats for a living.  She sells them through her Etsy site, Bayou Moon and also sells them to Olive&CoCo.  Looks like Hazel was ready to get hers on!!
This is where Breanna's flair for the awesome comes in.  Are these paper fans cute or what?! 
She would set up little vignettes of cuteness around the party area.
And she decoupaged pics of William as a baby onto these painted wood templates.   So presh.
I think this was the creme de la creme.  Text decoupaged lampshades with mixed ribbons.  Soooo cute!
I was impressed, but I am not so sure William was!!   Look at those blue eyes.  He is a precious little guy.
And the big ONE year old party is a biggie for ANY kid!!
These were our goody bags!  Being a hoarder myself, I asked Breanna if she wanted her ribbon back before we left.  Being a fellow crafter, she understood that I would be loving it as well, so she let me keep it.
This is William with his great granddad.  I LOVE those kinds of pictures.
Oh, wait.  THIS might be my favorite area.  I really loved all the photos of William during his first year.
And Breanna really outdid herself with all those paper wrapped jars with twine and little candles in them.

Breanna bought very simple little plain cakes at a local grocery store.  It is really the awesome banners she made that made them special anyway!!  Oh, she sells these at Bayou Moon too!

Ellie asked me after the party, "What kind of party was that?"  I said, "You mean, like, a 'birthday party'?".  She said, "No, I mean, what FLAVOR was it?!"
Then it dawned on me... she was referring to a THEME!!  Ha!  A girl after my own heart.  I explained little baby boys sometimes don't have a "flavor".  But, his mama just chose certain colors to repeat. 
And here he is with his mama and daddy.  And NOT liking his custom made party hat one little bit!!
There.  That's much better!!
I'm glad my buddy, Breanna, is back in town!!  She has already made several banners for people at MMPT who are having birthdays!! 
It's just handy to know crafty people.  Especially those who know that "CUTE" is important to you, so they rush an order in a day just so you can have something especially "CUTE" by the day you needed it. 
And she knows I'd do the same for her!
Look at this floor she stenciled, one at a time, for her daughter, Renee.
It's pretty fabulous!!
I told her early in the project, just drop it.  Don't do it.  It was taking so much time and the pressure was almost getting to her.  But, I am so glad she didn't listen to me!!  It was worth the effort.
And I think I showed you this already.  But, here's the shower curtain she sent me a picture of and asked me to make a canvas to match it.
We trade out for lots of things.  It was this project that made me decide to paint on boards vs. canvases.  I knew my bud, Bre, would want something "unique" and a canvas wasn't necessarily "outside the box".
I feel that these neat little individual boards with each of her kids' names on them are pretty unique, indeed.
This is their upstairs play area.
And this is the beginning of her son, Elijah's big boy room.  Hey, Bre, have I told you I have an old encyclopedia or some sort of TIME book chock full of MAPS?!  It's Todd's and he hasn't approved my riping it up yet.
But when he does.... we are going to make something AWESOME to go over those beds.
Cute tent in the corner.

I practiced my panoramic picture taking in the room, moving from one side to the other.

And for the most part, since little cameras were flashing all around, I spent most of my time during his adventure with the smash cake, videoing for them.
Breanna, if you are reading this, don't let me forget to give you those videos.

It was a fun party.  Thank you for inviting us, Bre.

I hope you are ready for my girls' parties in July and August.  I think I have the "Flavor" for each one picked out.  And each one is going to be plenty colorful!!
So start stashing your primary colored papers!!

And start making rainbow colored hats!
So glad to have a good friend like Breanna!!
Happy First Birthday, William!! 



Bj said...

Such a cutie pie....and I love the party ideas!! Birthdays are such a big deal at any age (to me anyway), I'll be celebrating my 64th come Sept....seems like only yesterday that I turned 30....where does time go so quickly? Thanks again Mo, for sharing with us........huggers, BJ

Mama J said...

Geez, it is almost like having a Mo morphed! Sweet party! Very creative.