Thursday, April 26, 2012

 Sweet little Gabbi Girl.  I should look back through my blog posts and see how many times I have said that!!  She is just that.  A sweet little Gabbi Girl!!
 She's so calm.  And loving.  and angelic.
 and tiny.
 Well, wouldya look at that painting in that room?!  That is one F.I.N.E octopus!  And it matches that new bedding so well!  Oh, and it's a Moriginal!!
 I know my girl VERY well.  We stopped at the souvenier shop on the way out.  And I saw this glittery ball with a mermaid and fun things inside.  She was mesmerized!!
 She was calling it her moonstone.  Anyone else out there have to watch Tinkerbell, The Lost Treasure 1000 times a day!?  Well, I do.  And a Moonstone is a serious treasure.
 And one that Gabbi LOVES!!

 Ellie Sue got a new sticker project to use on the way home.
 It lasted about 15 minutes.  Then, she was all done with it.  But NOT Gabbi and her moonstone. 
 That Moonstone was a precious gem!!
 Travelling with toddlers is F.U.N.     N.O.T.
 Until THIS happens!!  oh yeaaaaah, baby!
 Ellie slept right on through our Dairy Queen stop.  About 5 hours later, she kept asking me when we were stopping at the "Queen Lady".  We were so confused.  But then it dawned on  me.... she'd missed the stop that I'd been promising!
 Gabs isn't going to sleep if there is a movie on.  She likes to watch the WHOLE thing!!  And lately Bambi is the big winner!
 Poor Ellie!  Poor poor Ellie!
 Lucky Gabbi! 
 Is that not pure sweetness!?
 And FINALLY we were back home.  Our Lizzie girl was one HAPPY puppy!!
 I think Todd was just as happy to see his "other girl"!! 
Always good to go, but really, really good to get back home!! 



kimybeee said...

i LOVE the pic of todly with lizzie - that is precious!!!!

Amy K said...

All I could say reading/scrolling through was awwww. Pure sweetness!

coolgirl2011 said...

The second and third picture with Gabbi on the chair you have difinitelly have to frame them.

Shannon said...

Home Sweet Home!

Did I miss if the other dog found a home?

Bj said...

Mo, the pics you post are so precious....they make me just want to squeeze dem babies till they squeal!! Treasure these memories girl...they are priceless!!...huggers, BJ

snekcip said...

Oh Bambi is the WINNER here as well. I never watched it growing up b/c of the sad part about "Bambi's mother" but Bre absolutely loves it!! Her favorite parts are when Thumper says "if you can't say nothing nice....then don't say nothing at all!" and when Bambi is trying to "gain his footage" on the ice. Talk about BELLY LAUGHING!!! Her laughter is PRICELESS!! She cracks up every time she see's that part! Doesn't matter HOW many times she has seen it, she laughs like she is seeing it for the first time!!