Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainy day at the beach

 Well, every day can't be sunshiny!   And this day was no exception.
 We let the rain pass by doing an art project inside (details on that later), but within a short while, we were plugging away on the grounds.

 Can you tell which one of my kids is terribly messy with her painting?!
 Just so you know, Gabs painted as much as Ellie, but she has not a drop on her clothes.
 We went for a little jaunt down the boardwalk.

 Miss Hot Shot just led the way right on out to the beach.
 Gabs was following along, and lo and behold, look who joined us...

 I couldn't help but take pictures of these little footprints in the sand!
 Look how itsy.  And how precious!
 As I told you, Gabs is a beach bum.  She would dig in that sand all day long if I let her.
 Todd is an evening breeze kind of beach dude, so he was diggin' it too.
 Ellie was probably thinking about how good her hair must look blowing in the breeze!

 Yep.  See!?
 and I sat back and looked through my lens at my sweet family, I just counted my blessings.  The blessing of little girls, a good daddy and husband, and the opportunity to be at the beach with them.  I never take for granted how blessed I am to get to do these things. 
 God is good.
 And here's the proof!! 


Karen said...

What a sweet post!

Mama J said...

Wowsa! Felt that!

Bj said...

Thanks for sharing your special family time with us....your "extended family"....We love those girlies like they were our own!!.......huggers, BJ

Gigi said...

Have you ever made plaster sand casts of their footprints at the beach? Mix plaster of paris with sea water and pour into their foot or handprint impressions on the beach. Pour a little wider than the impression so that you can break off some of the excess for a ragged edge. Let it dry while you're playing in the sun. So precious sitting on an easel.

Shannon said...

I love cute beach feet pictures!

Sharidrew said...

Sweet! Oh, and I love Todd's feet. HAHA. Nice tan legs, very white feet! Typical golfer! They should make flip flop golf shoes! I love Pam's idea about saving those footprints! Awesome!

Happy Thursday!

jmckemie said...

Precious time spent together.
And, look how long Ellie's hair is getting!

Renee said...

Definitely blessed. Enjoy your family time at the beach.

Meredith said...

This post just warmed my heart. God is so good.