Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gabbi loves her daddy.

 Now how dang precious is this?!
 Gabbi Girl loves her daddy.  She is a mama's girl in general, but every once in a while, she really lets it loose when it comes to her affection and love for her dad.
 When we were in Gulf Shores this past weekend, we made our usual trip down to Tacky Jacks, a very laid back eatery down on Fort Morgan Road, and one of the only places close to our condo. 
 It's settled right at the point where Mobile Bay meets the Gulf.  Check out a map.  Fort Morgan is a peninsula that juts out at the bottom of Mobile Bay and has an actual fort at the end of it.  It was put there to protect the bay and keep some mean people out.  Can you tell I am a history buff and know all kinds of stuff about wars and combat and things of the such?!  ha.
 And can you tell Ellie is very interested in this fish?!
 This is the view from the dock where you wait for your table.
 ANd this is the view from the passenger's side window on the way to the restaurant.
Ok.  I'm done with that. 



Amy K said...

Oh my word, she looks so adoringly at her daddy! Does she just make his heart melt, or what?
Beautiful photos!

Beverly said...

Beautiful!!! Love seeing little girls love their daddy. Gabbi is precious.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ That fourth picture of Gabbi & her daddy is beyond precious - the way she is looking at her hero. Just beautiful!
You can just tell that they are being brought up in such a loving way by their Mom & Dad. Just as it should be.
They are just too cute!
Enjoy your day,
Diana from Colorado

Kathryn said...

Oh, that sweet baby! I am so jealous. Love that place. Ft. Morgan is so cool. I can not wait to get back to Orange Beach in January.

Beth E. said...

Yeah...you're a history buff just like me! ;-)

Sweet, touching pics of Gabbi and her daddy. You should frame those!