Saturday, April 28, 2012

A day at MMPT

Just your average day at MMPT.  Ol Liles comes in hollering and acting crazy.  Followed by me and Keif hollering and acting crazy! 

Then, we find out it's Scott's birthday, so you KNOW we have to celebrate!!  They'd just moved into a new house, so I personalized a canvas for them to hang there.  And of course, cake and a balloons.
Anna went to the cage to work on isolating muscles with gravity eliminated (for all you therapists out there).  This cage is pretty exclusive to our clinic in north Louisiana, maybe Louisiana in general, and is GREAT for so many things!!
Then it was time for Dylan to walk.  He is a miracle!!  A true miracle.
Bobby showed his love to Kim with a kiss on the cheek.  Kim is such a sweetheart.
Then, he posed with me and Seth, all in our turquoise for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday uniform.
Here's Summer, OT, with Kim.  It was her birthday this past Friday, so we made her a classic rap CD mix.  I asked for a copy because it is sooooooo awesome.  And now I am addicted and just want to stay in my car and listen to it.  "NOwwwww, here's a little story I have to tell about three ... you know so well... it started way back in history... "  Ok, so I miss big gaps of words.  But I am feeling the old school love!!
Kristin is working those biceps with a therapy band.
This can be considered the "before" picture!!  Now, we have red geraniums, white caladiums, and purple verbena.  This was "spring".  We've moved on into "summer".
And this is my precious Kelsey!!  She is working here with our PT student, Caroline. 
Caroline was visiting us from University of St. Augustine in Florida.  She is actually from Maryland.  I love to have students in the clinic.  I am actually a teacher at heart.
And this is Patchez, Cassie (speech student), and Ashley, doing what they do.
Just another day at MMPT!! 



Zhohn said...

What a great group of people! You're special, Mo!

MLP said...

Wow. I love this. Would love to hear more about Dylan. Hoping Travis gets to have some days like this at MMPT someday!!!!!!

Bj said...

Sounds like a GREAT place to work! You guys do a fabulous job and have a good time doing it, and you help so many folks in the process! How wonderful is that??? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GANG!!.....huggers, BJ

kimybeee said...

love seeing all about all your days!