Saturday, April 21, 2012

An isolated beach

It's kind of strange to be at the condo this time of year.  And by strange, I suppose I am saying, "ISOLATED"!  And by isolated, I am kind of saying, I LOVE IT!
This is the view to the south from the condo balcony.  I've had several of you inbox me and ask about how to rent the condo.  If you are interested, holler at Jessi this week.  (She'll be soooo glad I am sending so many people her name and work number!  ha)  She is at the MMPT Ruston clinic, 318-232-1969.  She maintains the condo schedule and keeps the current prices.  The prices are seasonal, so I don't even try to remember what it is when. 
It's been a little cool, especially first thing in the morning and at the end of the day/ evening.  But that doesn't keep us Groves girls from having to explore the shoreline.
To the south, we only saw TWO people.
Daddy even came out of his batcave in the evening to play with us.  He is a hermit at the beach.  He likes to piddle around the condo and act like he is so busy and "useful".  In reality, he usually finds a golf tournament on tv, while he smokes a cigar on the balcony, plugs in his itunes to a boombox, and shuffles some things around feeling like he's working.  I'm not hatin on the ol boy.  It's just that by now I know him!!  He is AVERSE to the sun!  His favorite time at the beach, i.e. when our friends come down in a month or so, is as the sun is setting, and the circle of love is in full swing.
He convinced me we didn't need a sitter on this trip, and I KNEW what this would mean for mama!!  Not that I mind, but it means 24 hour entertainment director!!  Beach, art, playground, baby pool, hot tub, indoor pool, shirley temples, swing, back to the beach, again to the hot tub......
Hey, mamas... you know how it is! 
And Gabs LOVES the beach.  For anyone who understands sensory integration in the occupational therapy world, Gabbi is "sensory seeking". She craves as much novel/ harsh tactile (or touch) stimulation as she can get. 
Where many of us hate to have sand on our bodies, Gabbi wants it all over her.  She eventually lay down in the sand and rolled.  It was coating her cover up like sugar and it was all over her face as well.  It's ok.  I am a therapist.  I "get" her. 
And I mean, she's just so dadgum cute!!
See?  She never got to the water.  She was too hung up at the sand!
And that makes for a mama dilemma.  Ellie is there for about 30 minutes and immediately wants to go to the pool.  The sand is "bothering" her!  So, what's a mama to do?!
Oh, hang on.  Did any of you see my Facebook picture of Ellie Sue and her new pose?!
Somewhere along the way she has realized that there is such a thing as "sucking your belly in".
It WAS NOT from her mama!!  I get tired just LOOKING at her pose like this.  She would suck in and say,
"Don't I look pretty with my belly in like this?"  Can you believe that!?  At FOUR years old!!
I would say, "You look pretty with your belly any way, Ellie."  I even tried to kind of let her know that all that squeezing in was a little ridiculous.   I don't know where any of you stand on this, but I don't want my kids to think their looks/ bodies will dictate how pretty they are or what their worth is. 
I hope I am raising independent, creative women.  That's a deep thought, isn't it?!  Since they're only 3 and 4. 
But it's never too early to start habits or infusing positivity into young lives.
So pretty.  I do NOT want to go home.  But, I will be back soon.
Here at the little girlies heading to the beach on the boardwalk.  They've got this downpat now!
We'll be heading back home tomorrow.  :(  But there's inspiring work to be done!  And lots of things to think about and plan at MMPT.  Thankful for deep, meaningful work!! 


Zhohn said...

Beautiful! The beach and the girls!

Amy K said...

Beautiful shots Mo!

My take (and I say this from a very personal place in my heart) is absolutely, keep promoting the positive self-worth over the body image, and beauty from within!


Mama J said...

I'm with you on the isolated beach and LOVING it. That would suit me just fine too! It is beautiful there and you for sure can see where your babies are...There is no doubt that your girls will be well-rounded and confident. They will get that from you. Ellie is just a little sponge that soaks up those little teen divas. Gabbi is just a free spirit. Precious girls..precious Mom! Funny funny Dad...