Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paperdolls at the swing

This new blogger set up is freaking me out!!  Anybody else?!  I am so dang lost.   But, I am a student of positive thinking, so nevermind my mental breakdown in the blogging world... let's get right onto my darling children, shall we!?
(If anybody has figured out how to edit a previously saved post, please let me know.  Or, if they know how to just load pics and save, let me know that too!)  Now.. my kids! 

On this trip, I warned Ellie Sue that I would be packing her bag and she could have NO input into the clothes that would be in her suitcase.  Naturally, we get to the beach, and she only wants to wear the 3T things that I packed for Gabs.  She has a thing about her clothes (shorts/ skirts) not being "too long".  I know, I know.  I'd be worried too if it was someone else's kid.  But, I know that if this situation becomes a bigger issue, she'll be confined to the house throughout her teenage years, so I am just going with the flow for now, and hoping it's a phase!!
Ellie and Gabbi both had this polo sundress packed for this trip.  Ellie's had royal blue stripes.  Gabs's had the light pink.  So, of course, in true defiance style, Ellie had to wear Gabbi's.  So be it.  I was just excited it wasn't skinny jeans and a halter top!
So, I get them dressed and start dressing myself.  Minutes later, these two emerge with a total face of make up on... compliments of Ellie Sue Groves, certified esthetician/ make up expert!
Ellie had on a nice bright teal eyeshadow, and Gabs was in a bright green. 
I ignored that too, wiped a bit of the excess lipstick off, and tidied up the shadow, and away we went. 
This is one of my kids' favorite spots at the Beach Club... the swings! 

I keep a stash of toys that are easy to pack in a bag for poolside, side roadtrips, or even on under a cabana on the beach.
Some of these pictures on the swing just cracked me up.  Gabbi is so sweet and into the project at hand.  Ellie has to make these weird faces, and be all distracting and such.
(I have no idea what I did to make my pictures all jack up above.   I am telling you, I am NOT a fan of change... especially in the computer world.  I am NOT computer savvy, and I am lost if it is not the same time every time... so expect some weirdness in the coming weeks til I get it all figured out.)
One of my friends reminded me via Facebook that my girls playing together on the beach was one of the deciding factors for me to adopt Gabs.  At the time we got the call, Ellie Sue was 8 months old, and Todd was a bit shell shocked with that news!!  I was reminded that I gave him the option of having an only child that we would have to play in the sand with until we were 60 years old, or we could have a sibling and they could play with each other, while we admiringly watched them from under our umbrella with drinks in hand.  This was one of those times!
And for the most part, they really do like each other and like playing together.  IF there isn't another kid around.  If there is, Ellie totally monopolizes their attention and leaves little Miss Gabbi Girl out!
But, by the grace of God, her personality is such that she does NOT CARE!
She is happy to play with a pile of sticks.  And lately, I kid you not, that has been her "toy" of choice!!
She is sort of a loner.  She doesnt' mind playing alone at all.  She is just a joy!
Hey, look who came down to join us.
Hey, Todd.  Over here!!  He, too, can play all alone!
I'm more like Ellie.  I need a group setting.  I like action.  I like attention.  ANd I like to give my attention.
We are sort of social butterflies.  We like to get to know those around us.  We like to be in the know of what's going on. 
But, where would I be without my sweet little affectionate Gabs?! 
More beach pics coming soon.  It was a neat time for just the four of us to be alone and away from the daily grind. The girls got all my attention and we did lots of cuddling and shared lots of "I love yous".  It'll be a trip with special memories!!



Amy K said...

Great pics! The one of Ellie sticking her tongue out cracks me up!
My little guy is the same as Gabbi, he can entertain himself for hours. Love that personality too.
I hope you can figure out the blogger thing without too much frustration...sorry, no help here!

Bj said...

Wish I could help you with the picture thing, but I know nothing about blogging, except how to make a comment and just enjoy the pictures. They look great though!! Thanks for sharing your family with us Mo....I love it!....huggers, BJ

Susantwilhelm said...

Love all the beach pics, but absoltely dying to get the full scoop on Miss Ellie's new "friends" in the hot tub! I am still laughing about that one!

Beth E. said...

Do you have the heading on you dashboard, "Blogger Has A New Look?" If you click on that, it will tell you how to do various things. I typed in their help line, "How to edit posts" and came up with this:

I'm trying to figure out the new blogger, too. :/ I hope this info helps!

Shannon said...

I think that last picture of you three is a blow up big on canvas one!!!

kimybeee said...

i married an only child, only grandchild etc. he was spoiled and selfish and i didn't want a kid like him lol 1st preg was a miscarry, 2nd a girl and 3rd a miscarry scare, but a boy. my husband has said many times over the last 16 years he was glad we had two. when his dad passed away it was just him to help his mom, he said he wouldn't want his babies to have to go through that alone. and my kids are different too - i think every pair is lol

you have to share the hot tub pic with the blog - i was telling my husband yesterday about ellie networking lol