Friday, April 20, 2012

You might be a redneck if....

I'll tell you, I opened blogger today to see a totally new format I had never seen before.  I have absolutely no idea what's going on!!  I was not given any sort of warning that things would look different, so I am muddling through this on a trial and error type style.  Anybody else use blogspot?!  I am so lost! 

Ok, so anyhoo.... here's the deal. 

 This is a picture of Gabs standing in the rocks, peeing down her legs because I refused to walk her ONE MORE TIME to the bathroom waaaaaaaay away!  Remember, all the times she wants to go is always multiplied by two, since they never need to go at the same time!!  And when Ellie realized what was going on, this is what she did!!

I had been chilling on my lawnchair reading this John Maxwell classic.  I LOVES me some leadership books!!  ANd I am going to receive personal coaching from him in August (Happy Birthday to me!) where I will officially be a business coach/ leadership training specialist.  Certified by John Maxwell.  But I digress.
 My girls LOVE these Shirley Temples, and I had no idea the love they have of cherries.  Now I see!
 We have spent very limited time at the beach (although Gabs would stay there all day long!), and LOTS of time at this center pool.
 We met a couple of little girls, actually from Monroe, and they are 4 and 6 years old.  Then there were two others hanging on our end of the pool from Mobile, who were 2 and 4.  So, Ellie found herself in Nirvana.  That is, until she met her hottub crew.  More on that later, unless, of course, you follow me on facebook! And then, you already know!
 Gabbi Girl is so close to swimming.  But for whatever reason, she gets all scaredy in the big pool and won't try it.  This is the baby pool... 1' deep.  It's about like our bathtub.
 And this one... oh Lord.  She has kept me ROLLING on this trip.  She is just so dang funny.
Ok, bout to hit "publish", so let's see how this works out.  I hate change.  Especially when I am not given a heads up.  More beach pics tomorrow. 



Zhohn said...

Post seems fine! Hope you get used to it soon.

The girls are adorable, as always. Love the fb pic of Ellie with her other crew HAHA

kimybeee said...

my email account changed on me too - can't go full screen and my folders are all shuffled. if it ain't broke...

the only thing i see different is that the font seems smaller and the pics too. i actually enlarged and looked at the pics and then went back and read the blog part. i noticed myself leaning in to read and look at pics and that is all that was different to me.

Reba said...

At the top of blogger, it has been saying that there will be changes in April and encourages us to change over. I have been holding out. :)

Amy K said...

Ah haha! She's not going to like that one bit someday! I love that us moms get to document the down & dirty along with the cuteness!
Continue to enjoy your time away!

snekcip said...

I opened the format up and was like DO WHAT?!!! It's really odd! I'm with you MO "I don't like CHANGE much"!!

Gabbi tinkling on herself is PRICELESS!!