Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's doodle time!

I have no idea why I can' ttype on the first line of this blog post, but I can't and I also don't know why there's a 1. But oh well, I am adaptable, so I will just roll with it this time too! Interestingly, when I have a retreat, the participants seem to always want to meet Paula. I called her and had her swing by with Emma Lou. They were nice to oblige.

SO, here we are... day number two. Finished with canvases and ready for an evening project. I chose doodling.

This was a totally new experience for most of the art retreaters. I LOVE it. I have discovered that I LOVE doodling!! I suppose I have always known it, but buying a new book, specifically on doodles, has revewed my love and interest in using a few new doodles now when I am chicken scratching on a piece of paper. Polly seemed to share my love of the doodle. It is just so freeing. And it is exactly what has led me to a whole new way of painting lately. You always need to keep yourself open to new things/ projects/ techniques, cause you never know where that little tiny thing might lead!! I think it is safe to say doodling wasn't Nena Beth's favorite project. She did a good job, just wasn't totally enamored with it. But, she does know that it will be a valuable technique for the many projects her daughter has to do for school this year. Amy, the brand new artist, was the quiet warrior. Look at her inspecting the book for a few new ideas and inspiration. I love it! And Brooklyn was kicking it too. She went for the fleur de lis project. I think that girl would LOVE my Camp Creative classes. And despite Paige's snarled nose in this picture, she was my fellow doodler!! After the doodle project, we had time to do whatever until bedtime. Paige and I decided to doodle on canvas, with paint and brush. ANd I think we hit the hay around 1:00 am!! We were the nightowls and could've stayed up much longer, but we knew we had to get up early, so we made the grown up decision to go on to bed. This is Nena Beth's drawing pre oil pastel/ water color/ chalk pastels. And this is AMy's prior to colorization!! Robin got in on the action too. And lo and behold, I just looked ahead and I have no "after" pictures of these projects. oooooh, I am quite sure I DO have those pics, just not loaded on the blog yet. So, you will have to wait to see how cool they turned out! When I look at that sunlight outside in this picture, and realize I "doodled" until 1:00 am, I guess I understand I really DO get in the zone and find it very hard to stop!! I was hoping that we would have one of those UNBELIEVABLE sunsets we have been having for the past couple of weeks while my guests were here. We never did. However, they did get to experience the awesome view from my kitchen/dining room window! I'll hunt for doodles in color and jewelry projects are still to come.



Bj said...

I have been a "doodler" most of life (just ask my school teachers). When I doodle, I do a lot of writing that weird or what?? Oh well, no one has ever accused me of not being "one-of-a-kind"....LOL!! I say DOODLE ON GANG!!.....huggers, BJ

kimybeee said...

doodle all day lol i wondered what was up with that project. one or more of your fb friends shared - you may be able to steal pics from there lol