Friday, March 9, 2012

A few new projects.

I have been in a painting mood, buddy!! And tonight it was payback time for the cute St. Patrick's Day wreaths my friend, Breanna, made for me the night before my guests arrived last week. I could've paid her, but I figured (and figured correctly) that she'd rather have something made, in exchange, by me for her new house. She sent me a photo of her shower curtain (wish I had that to show you), and I just took a variety of the trees off that photo and made a cluster of mini paintings for her kids' bathroom.

Her wall is gray, and I think these are going to look really cool on the wall together.

Todd has been working on putting shutters on our house all week, so there were scraps of boards lying around all over the garage. I have been dying to use them for a painting project. All the stars aligned today, and Breanna's project was the one.

Then, I have just really been in an "I love rainbows" phase too!! I am deep down draming of a rainbow party for Gabbi Girl in August. I don't even pretend to think of Ellie's theme. SHE will be telling ME what we'll be doing!

When I was painting today, I found this cloud and rain scrapbook paper. I had just seen a photo about rain and rainbows; basically about being positive when things look bleak. (I'll have to find that sucker!!). So, I have this painting sort of ready for when I figure this one out totally.

And then I found this scrapbook paper that I L.O.V.E. We are in the process of dreaming up all kinds of updates to our condo in south Alabama. I think this little canvas needs to go there. Not positive what my saying will be, but when I do, I'll post it here.

So these will have to wait in the workroom til they are all planned out.While I was in the scrapbook mood, I added lots of circles punched form a favorite sheet of paper, and used various paint colors to prepare it, too, for just the perfect subject matter.

I think this one would be awesome in a baby boy's room. Or with a really cool verse/ quote as the foreground.

Here are a couple more I have ready to rock and roll.

If you need a canvas, holler< and I will make one of these specific for you. They have lots of character... texture from the scrapbook paper, and then layers upon layers of paint. I actually felt a little like Gabbi when I was adding all that paint!

Phyllis has asked me to paint a violin for her niece. I'm waiting to see what color the room it will be hanging in. I am pulling for the far left one, as I think the brown violin will show up so nicely on this background.

Phyllis is also sending this one to her other niece. Only thing she said was a purple peace sign. There is ripped scrapbooks around the edges of this canvas too.

And finally... Nena Beth. I reallly, really, really hope you don't mind this!! I didnt' get the feeling that you really loved this painting when you finished it. And then, you LEFT it!! I haven't heard from you, so I assumed you weren't missing her either!! Soooooo......

I Momerized it!!! Hope you don't mind!! ANd then I signed it BOTH of us!!

Email me your addy and I will send it your way!



Bj said...

WOW MO, you have been one busy gal for sure...but very productive I might add. Love the trees on the wood planks...great idea! Keep'em coming kiddo. is Maddi??
huggers, BJ

Phyllis Lines said...

Love the peace sign and so will my niece Charlie. Still waiting on a picture from my brother. Will send it as soon as I get it. I'm thinking the one you like will probably work but want to make sure.

Renee said...

Super cool! Wish I had just a smiggin of creativity in me.

kimybeee said...

very nice - the canvas you said looked like a baby boy's room, when i saw it i thought bumble bee. just saying lol

the trees are very cool - and you need to get away from canvas and practice other mediums more often. and let's see those shutters asap!

breanna said...

HEY!!! THOSE are mine! AND i LOVE them!! :)
Love the rainbow too--and yes. rainbow party for gabs!!!!