Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holiday Themed Canvas

Moving Riiiight along. It was time to learn to paint a textured canvas. Miss "I don't know what I'm doing" Amy DOVE head first!! She could've fooled me!! She had in her mind to do polka dots, and buddy, she got on it!!
Brooklyn was cooking with grease too!! She decided on a pumpkin with a green background.
There in the foreground was Nena Beths' green background pumpkin too.
This photo reminds me... the girls all said that my photos of my art room make it seem bigger than it actually is. Hmmmm... Who knew? However, they also said the photos of my kitchen and den make it seem smaller than it actually is.

And would you just look at that?!? I did do a little Momerizing. Only with my handwriting!! THat is IT!
Well, heelllllooo, Miss Artist!! Way to go so far, Brooklyn.
And I am so proud of you, Amy.
Jennifer had her nose to the grindstone as well. She was going a little crazy with all the color and pattern.
But not as crazy as Paige!! She is doing the whole teal blue Christmas background!
I was just so proud of my little baby chicks!! I felt like the proud mother hen!!
I decided to work on a Christmas owl. ANd I was seriously digging it!! It has hymnal wings.
I really, really loved that once I could get everyone on task, I had space in this class to join them. I sat on the end and would often ask if I could be of assistance, but if noone spoke up, I just kept right on painting with them!!
And this would be my holiday canvas on textured background. Nena Beth snatched him up or he would've definitely been living in Gabbi Girl's room this Christmas.
Another thing Nena Beth snatched up... her Cheezits. And Todd calls ME, "Snacks"!

Nena Beth had Lifesavers, Werthers, Cheese Crackers, Cheezits,.... she was preparing for a tornado.
Oh, this is the five minutes Kimie had to join the adults before my kids found out she was here and hijacked her!
She has already confirmed her spot in the local art retreat coming up in April. I'm excited. I am rarin' to get back to painting myself. Just a taste and you get a craving for it!! More arts tomorrow!



Riley said...

I love all these artsy fartsy posts! Keep it up MO!!

nss said...

Oh............How I want to come and learn, I love it ! Happy Friday.

Unknown said...

I sent an email that I want to be in on the April 14th art class. Did you get my name down?

Brooklyn said...

Such a fun weekend! I think I've finally recovered:)