Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jewelry making in the loft

At the end of the first night, the girls made the decision to head upstairs to partake in a little jewelry making. We THOUGHT we would be able to pay attention to Todd's new toy, the projector and his new big screen, mounted right into the ceiling. We put on The Help, but were too focused on the project at hand to really pay much attention to the movie!!

First, off , we used the clay pendants (in this case, Jennifer's 52 clay shamrocks!!) to make jewelry. She has the cutest little charm bracelet to wear all week, WITH matching earrings, I might add!
Learning to make the wire wrapped loops are the hardest, but most essential part. I brought up a portion of my personal earring collection so the girls could gain some inspiration from all different designs. I was proud of their quick learning. One of the main projects was that gold chain with large pearl bracelet I'd shown earlier on the blog. They could choose from gold, brass, or copper. And then, they could choose from a big baroque pearl or a big chunk of turquoise. Here are the finished projects. We were laughing our heads off as many of us were smiling as I had them pose for this picture. AS IF you can see their faces!! Ha. Nooooowwww, there we are with the pretty smiles!! I hope to have some of my compadres do guest blogs this week. Hey, girls, if you are reading, go ahead and write up a blog describing your weekend. When it's your turn, you can just copy/ paste it!! I'll be in touch!!
Happy week!!



Mama J said...
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Mama J said...

These ladies were totally in the element of being "Mossaged"!

Love the jewelry! PS...I had to remove my first comment....too dang early and can't spelllllll!

connie said...

ilove the bracelets i would love to make one and ea rings too
your so awesome mo i love all your art work and jewelry
hugs to you

Phyllis Lines said...

Speaking of The Help, I think a canvas with Aibileen's quote to baby girl would be neat - you is kind, etc.

Beth E. said...

Well, it's easy to see that all y'all are much younger than I way could I sit on the floor like that for any length of time! Shew!

I'm totally impressed with everyone's jewelry making's all beautiful! Love it!