Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey y'all, it's Jennifer.

Well, here goes my commentary of the MoZart Retreat.

Our first canvas needed to be prepped with modeling paste so that it could dry overnight. Mo told us to decide what we wanted to paint and then sculpt that on the canvas. I was a bit nervous since we weren't using a stencil but she said..Just do it!!! Paige & I chose "JOY", Amy did dots, Nena Beth & Brooklyn both did a pumpkin and Melanie decided on a Santa owl.

Then we prepped our next canvas with old hymnal pages. I chose songs that I grew up singing and was looking for "It Is Well With My Soul". Well I found it...hanging on the wall, out of reach and was told that it was off limits...she obviously likes it too. :-) The pages were placed and glued covering the entire surface of the canvas. She told us to be thinking about what we wanted to paint on them tomorrow. I knew I wanted my favorite verse.."Trust in the Lord with all your heart". Amy chose.."Today I choose Joy" and I absolutely loved her finished product.

Now it's time for working with clay. I wasn't overly excited about this one, but you know what, it turned out quite fun. I did get a little carried away with the clovers but once I started cutting them out, I just couldn't stop. haha While these were baking, we took a break to enjoy a delicious soup prepared by Todd.

After supper, we were ready to get to painting. Each of us chose a house that we liked and went to work on putting that on our blank canvases. Now, I'm expecting a stencil or something to use to make sure I get it right..uh huh..not happening. Melanie said look at it, break it down into the different shapes and go for it!!! Well, once I took a deep breath and relaxed, I went to work. I was totally and completely out of my comfort zone...and LOVED IT!!! I was so excited with my finished product!!

Jewelry making time now. Each of us selected a pearl or turquoise stone and chain to make a bracelet. This was a fun project!! She explained each step that goes in to making jewelry and now when I look at it in the store, I will see it as a step and not just the finished item. Melanie is such creative, fun, life loving person!!!

Time to hit the bunk beds ladies!!!

Today we painted our canvases and I will tell you that watching Melanie paint is so inspiring. One thing she said repeatedly, there is no wrong way!!! Each piece is its own masterpiece. We used stencils with spray ink to add finishing touches. All of us were amazed at how adding one little thing would totally change the painting.

We decided to paint another canvas and Melanie let us do whatever we wanted. She had discovered a "New" type of painting and whipped out 3 completed canvases before I did 1!!! Hello....the lady is talented.

I know that I haven't covered everything, but I will say that I came away from this retreat with a new appreciation for painting and being creative. Thank you for opening up your home to complete strangers and teaching us to step outside of our boundaries. I left with new friends that now share a connection and it's all because of MoZart Retreat. God bless you and your family.


Brooklyn said...

Great post, Jennifer! I had such a fun time with you. Your four-leaf clovers make me smile:)

Mama J said...

Thanks for giving us a snippet of the FUN you ALL had without cool of a weekend is that? I tell ya...she could have a house full every weekend....

Bj said...

It is nice to hear comments from the actual participants of the retreat...looks like all had a great time....I'm impressed (and a bit Huggers, BJ

snekcip said...

Great commentary!! Looks like you ladies had a blast!

Renee said...

Letting loose creatively would be so out of my comfort zone too. Sounds like a blast though.

Nena said...

Great post Jennifer! I am still in recovery mode from the weekend!