Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Painting of the Vaselline canvas

It' s MO again. I am stepping in here to show you the Vaseline canvas. We used the Vaseline as a relief to block the paint from the canvases. I asked everyone to bring a "word" to use on this canvas. Believe it or not, noone actually used their "word of the year".
Rather, it was more of a spontaneous decision for most.
I had the great opportunity to work on almost every activity that the class did. They were good independent workers, so that freed me up to play too!
Some were shocked that I didn't really make it step by step. In my single activity painting parties on the weekends, we have a single project, and we all work on that one thing until it's done. Such as, a pumpkin, or a fleur de lis, or a cross, etc. In the case of a retreat, where we had FOUR to FIVE canvases to do, I wanted each person to go away with something that really meant something to them!
Nena Beth coined the phrase, "momerize it". This is what I was doing to her "inspire" canvas. Momerizing is when the girl is not thrilled with her canvas and thinks it needs a "little something". I would add little swirls to the edges or outline the word or highlight the edges.... only a little something that maybe the girl hadn't thought of.

This cute paisley was made by Amy to match her bedding in her room, and the colors are also the same as her current bedroom and accessories. Jennifer chose HOPE in Vaseline and used thick/ thin masking tape to mask the edges.
Nena Beth just about worked that puppy to death! But she finally got it like she liked it, so all's well that ends well!

Robin got in on the action too. LOVE is her maiden name. LOVE is not Brooklyn's maiden name, but it made a cute canvas nonetheless.
Paige was the one who used globs of Vaseline, and we all thought hers actually did the best, as far as the Vaseline really creating a highly resisted area on the canvas.
I used the Vaseline on the tree and the "Be KIND". and then just handpainted the rest. I found the quote on Pinterest and loved it. I also used the tape to mask the edges and then came back and glittered the borders as well. Miss Brooklyn took this one back to Nashville with her. Glad you liked it, Brooklyn!
Stay tuned for our holiday textured canvases and jewelry making!!



Mama J said...

I need some Momerizing! Just sayin....

Bj said...

Don't you just love Pinterest??? I do...I can easily spend an hour just scrolling thru and pinning! Love these canvas paintings, they are so cute! Great job retreaters!!!!......huggers, BJ

Renee said...

Too cool! Fabulous canvases retreaters!

snekcip said...

I had to stray away from pinterest for awhile! Seriously!! I "pinned" more things than a employee at a "dry cleaners"! >_<

Kaia said...

Hey! You used something from pinterest! Congrats!