Sunday, March 4, 2012

Working with clay and some intense jewelry making...

Hey, It's me, MO. I am back! We had an awesome weekend of whirlwind crafting and all things artsy fartsy, so now to document it all!

This is the girls' second day, and midday at that. We had completed four canvases at this point, so it was time for a new medium.... CLAY!!Jennifer was SOOOOOO fired up about clay!! She frowned, and smugged, and growled. Apparently, she is more the painting kind. HOwever....She did agree to chime in on the blog...
Hello Mo'Joy followers. This is Jennifer from the MoZart Retreat. Melanie has asked each of the participants to do a guest blog and I volunteered to go first. Hope you enjoy my commentary :-)
This was my first opportunity to meet Mel and I am here to let you know that the week leading up to Friday, I was like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa, it couldn't get here soon enough. But as soon as I arrived, it was just like seeing an old friend after a long separation. Her personality definitely comes through in her blog. I highly recommend that you attend a MoZart Retreat in the future.
Back to me.... we cut clay into various shapes and made a few abstract shapes as well.
Gabs and Ellie stopeed by after daycare to meet the group.
Ol "I hate working in clay" Jennifer must've not hated it too much. She made, like, 35 or so tiny clay shamrocks!! And wait til you see what she made with them.

I had to hug my babies and send them on with JinJin. She was keeping them for the night for me.
And voila.... the crop of goodies to be fired prior to painting them.
Todd the Bod, aka Husband of the Year, got the chicken tortilla soup going for dinner.
And while we let our clay back, we ate our delish din din.
And then, voila.... painted and glazed clay pendants!
Even Jennifer was a bit surprised over how much she enjoyed the whole process.

I mean, really.... look how cute they are. Perfect for earrings, a charm bracelet, a little girl's sweet little necklace...
Brooklyn just kept her nose to the grindstone. She worked quietly and steadily.
ANd don't think it stops there!! We still had to make them into jewelry!
So, we headed upstairs to watch The Help and learn to work wire!! Jennifer made these turquoise earrings to match her cute clay fleur de lis necklace.
These are Nena Beth's. She made matching clovers for her and her daughter. I really, really, really love these!!
We added words, texture, and used stamps to personalize our clay pendants.
This would be my finished project. I do believe it is going to live with Traci Rabb. Hey, Traci, inbox me on FB for your address!!
There comes a point that you just can't hang another thing on your wall and don't need another stitch of jewelry. I am about at that point. I still LOVE making it, so I am thrilled when someone likes it enough to want to buy it!! THanks, Traci.
So, that kind of sums up our clay activity. Stay tuned for full on jewelry design!!

And so glad I got to meet several of you bloggers who I have felt like I have kn0wn for some time now!! I gotta get started on my next two retreats. I am thinking July and maybe September again. MO


Riley said...

It looks like y'all had a ball! I definitely missed out on some awesome canvas techniques!! I am definitely down for a September retreat!!! Bring it on.

melinda marie said...

hey mo!
i got my sweet package from you last week.
thanks so much for the baby b. heart necklaces. i ESPECIALLY love the pink heart on pink ribbon. (wink, wink!)
a formal thank you is on the way this week!
love, melinda

melinda marie said...

i watched 60 minutes tonight. there was a segment on whether or not to "red shirt" younger birthdays ie. (june - september) and have them start kindergarten at age 6 vs. 4/5.
do you have any thoughts on this? isn't ellie sue a july bday?

melanie, aka Mo said...

MMH(+B), I am pro "get started" on the school thing. I have not heard the pros and cons, but wish I had. I have had questions on it. Maybe I can find a way to find this online or an archive somewhere. Gabs is end of August, so hers is even later. I think Ellie is ready to rock. Not so sure Gabbi will be as prepared, but we will do all I can to try and make sure she is.

Around here, people hold their kids back a LOT... especially boys and seemingly for sports. I have never really gotten that logic. I was young in my class (also an August Bday) and never had an issue with it. Mo

connie said...

i love your blog the clay items look so cute did you get my message on facebook?? i love your jewelry you make.... cant wait to see everything yall made... hugs to you....

Happy Momma said...

Love love love the clay! So the next "family art day" could we do that? (And please say you are going to have another one and that I get invited back for it!!) I'm on the verge of buying a clay conditioner....I made clay fingerprint pendants of my boys...and now I've got the clay bug!!

Mama J said...

STILLLLL Jell Us! What fun and how productive! We will see what July or Sept brings for me. For an ole fart I stay really busy. : (

Renee said...

Awesome project! Looks like a weekend of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love it all! Fabulous work!

L said...

I could be convinced to fly down in September! I could pass it off as my birthday gift to me. Keep up posted. It look like so much fun.