Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp Creative Self portraits

This is last week's art class!! I was wondering what I could do, as I typically come up with the activity the day or two before the Monday class. I think I showed everyone the cute pickets I did for Breanna with the trees. Well, I asked Todd to cut up the scrap wood from the shutters he made for the front of our house. First things first, pick your background color, girls!
And as they completed these backgrounds, I suggested we have a little snack. EVERYONE TO THE TABLE!! Wow! It worked!I love all these little friendships that are forming with this class. And then there's Lizzie, who just lies around and does absolutely nothing! She's great at that! And then we started the foregrounds. Kalie Rae wanted a big red gown with a single strap over one shoulder. It was funny, because the girls had very clear ideas on what they wanted to wear and what position they wanted their bodies to be in! Clara had to be one of the funniest ones!! Check out her stance! ANd her mini dress. ANd her "pumps"! And she said, "I am really pretty in person, but I just can't get this girl to look very pretty!" Her mama was mortified when I told her. I felt her pain, because I have one a whole lot like her! Miss Lexi was a wee bit more tame. She wanted flat sandals Pasie went with a little more conservative, longer length dress, but definitely still wanted the strapless version! I couldn't keep Kalie from adding dots. First silver. Then black! Then glitter.

And I wish I could give a little more esteem! Poor shy child! Ha.
Above, Katie went with a big bottomed white dress with all kinds of glitter on it. And Pasie added some glitter to her belt as well. Sarah, my art class assistant, made her own little self portrait. FINALLY. Kalie Rae had her dress bedazzled with silver bling. Skylar was going for the Charlie's Angels look with her whispy hair. But seriously, how easy was this? and so dang cute when it was done!! A great keepsake for mamas. I do a lot in this class from the viewpoint of a mama who likes to collect artworks of her babies. And this is hte Wednesday class. They are generally my older girls. EXCEPT for that four year old over there, grinning from ear to ear! She was so proud to be in there! I loved how each girl really doesn't give a rip what the other one is doing. They choose their OWN colors, hairstyles, and outfits!! Erin put herself in a cheerleading uniform. Raimee Jo added the big huge bow. Is that a trend everywhere or just down here in the south?! Angel Grace went a little c.r.a.z.y. with her dress detail. And I have her mama on my self portrait canvas on my wall. SO hilarious, how much this face and hair looks like her mama's drawing from over five years ago! And would you look at this Picasso?! I think you should try this with your own kids. This began as a regular little old chunk of board. And I didn't do any prep or any sort of sealant... just paint! ANd cheap craft paint at that. Emma Lou wanted a one shoulder dress and a big fat bow!

And that completes our Camp Creative Self Portrait Class. Thank you and good night!


Bj said...

What a precious idea!! And one that I'm sure each mama is going to love you for! The girls are all adorable and so independant of each other as far as ideas. Great job Mo...and great idea......BJ

Kris said...

There is a lot of talent down there in the south. It is great that you share your talents!

Renee said...

Super cute!

kimybeee said...

love all the creativity and individual personalities!!! they are having so much fun expressing themselves that they don't feel the need to copy or share ideas. how great that you are fostering their confidence and love of art. the fact that they enjoy each others company is just a big fat bonus lol

baby girls up here in wv wear headbands with bows or flowers, but not past the toddler stage. it must be a southern thing.

p.s. where are the pics of toddly building and installing shutters and the finished product!!!!