Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Party at Paula's

We know, we know... "Your John" is home!
That's what we hear everytime John John comes home from LSU! And we have to have this big lovefest!! These moments were actually caught in the action. Not staged in the least!! Actual moments of love and devotion... parents to their newly independent child. And did I mention that every time John John comes home, we have to have a full on PARTY!? Yep. The neighborhood gathers. They invite over all of his high school friends. And think about it, my kids haven't even started kindergarten. Gabs figured out she could watch Tangled on Miss Katie's iPad. Any springtime part in Louisiana is GOING To consist of crawfish!! Even our littles know how to peel crawdads!! And this is how we do it!! We sprawl out all over an 8' table (or three) and let er rip! In case you were wondering, average, people eat 8 pounds of crawfish a piece. Some may eat 5, some may eat 10. But believe me, there are lots and lots and lots of carcasses left over. Look at my jolly man. Linda Lou made a pineapple upside cake. Isn't it FAB..U.LOUS?!I'd say Paula kinda has the photo love in the same psycho way that I do. Most of the ones in the front are of our JohnJohn who has moved a full 3 1/2 hours away! I jest, but we all know I will FREAK when my kids move out! It was fun when John lived there. He is a gabber. He would tell us all the rumors in the high school circles. He just could NOT keep a secret. Even when it was about himself and he was just worried his mom would find out. Now, Paula's second son, Clayton, is NO fun. He only answers in single word "phrases". "no", Yes", "I dont' know". etc. Just nothing. Nata. Well looky here. Look who showed up and graced us with her presence!! She and I are planning a little getaway next week. Todd the Bod spent the ENTIRE last week in Atlanta last week, so it's my turn. This summer, Emma Lou is taking Amy (here in the pink) with her to the beach. I am so glad. I just love that kid. Such a pleasant personality. And she plays with my girls!! Bonus. Meanwhile, back at the iPad. Here's my third sweet girl!! She's doing well for all of you who I know would want to know. We are approaching the 6 month mark, and I know that each month, on the 3rd, Mary Allison is well aware of exactly how long it's been. I know she misses her mom immensely! But she carries on. She is a strong, confident, independent girl!! A rarity of a mature teenager. Some think she is doing "too well". I've heard that a thousand times. WHAT does THAT mean? "Too well" is great, I think. She and I are similar in that we don't necessarily want to wear our hearts on our sleeve. We may hurt, but don't think it is something we want the world to have to take a part in nor spectate. I can totally understand my girl! ANd so we will go next week and enjoy each other's company, and if she feels the need to be sad, I will certainly help her through that. I miss her mama too! This is Meredith. She is a prima ballerina in the Twin City Ballet Company. And Elllie thinks she is the cat's meow. Can you tell!? She almost thinks as much about Meredith as I do about my most recent favorite shoes!! And that's a LOT! MO


Zhohn said...

The pics of you and MA made my heart smile! Such a sweet, sweet girl. Hope y'all have a lot of fun..can't wait to hear about it!

Amy K said...

I love this post Mo! I can relate whole-heartedly to the mom feelings when our college students come home!
Great pics of you and Mary Allison. Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear she's doing so well. Enjoy your time away together...what a blessing!

Mama J said...

Have a GREAT time next week with Mallison...like I have to tell either of you that. You will both RIP it!

Maggie said...

Oh MASSON! I've been thinking about here recently, so I'm glad you had a little update for us. I'm happy to hear she's doing well... and I'm with you Mo, every person processes differently, so there is no such thing as "Too Good." We should not put expectations on each other on what the "appropriate" amount of outward grief is. I found myself reading and being really truly happy that you both have each other.
Much love from Boston,

Renee said...

Thanks for the MA update and I'm happy to hear she is doing well. We like those crawdads down here in South LA too. Haven't had any this season yet though. I know you and MA will enjoy your girls trip.

snekcip said...

This post "hit home" in so many ways for me. First off, my baby (well NEXT to the baby) is graduating from college in May. She will join her siblings up in Dallas. She has done VERY well, holding down a fulltime job and going to school full-time. To see her buy ALL her furnishings for her first apt was bittersweet. Mom/Dad did not have to FORK over one red cent. She saved and bought it all on her own. HOW INDEPENDENT IS THAT!! It's surreal that we have the "last" graduating for college and our "new" baby starting Kindergarten! Whenever my kids come home for a visit we as well gather and have GET TOGETHERS! We are BIG on family!! You got my mouth WATERING over here for some crawfish! This past weekend MY KIDS came home and we wanted crawfish and the ALL YOU CAN EAT had over a 2hr wait!!! I still hadn't gotten crawfish!!! I won't stop until I do!!

PS Love seeing Mary Allison!! I just adore/admire her so much. I'm loving those ARCHED eyebrows! Go Girl!!

Shannon said...

MA is very lucky to have such a good friend as you are to have her!!

Um, yuck about the crawfish!

Cute shoes!!! What are they?

kimybeee said...

love you mary allison and glad you will be appearing in some future posts!!!!!

and my husband totally wants to come to la now and eat crawfish with you guys! i told him we could come to an art retreat and todd could cook him crawfish lol

i think it is great that your "family" loves to get together and celebrate everything - that is a rarity and you guys are very blessed!

Beth E. said...

Looks like a great celebration! I enjoyed all the pics...John looks exactly like his mom!

I understand the excitement of having her boy home from school. We get that way at our house, too. Empty nests are a BIG adjustment!

Mary said...

I'm glad MA is doing "too well" I'm with you wtf does that mean? I'm sure not a minute goes by she doesn't think of her mom and have great sadness, but and this sounds harsh, she's gone, nothing you do is going to change that...we must carry on. One of my favorite sayings is....this isn't a dress rehearsel people...this is all we get...one chance at life. You go MA remember your mom every minute of everyday, but I am sure she is so proud of you and the way you have gone on. She doesn't want you home crying....she wants to see you living the life. She's by her side watching over her and so so proud.!