Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meet Cheerio.

Have I done my due diligence introducing Cheerio?! I kinda think not. And with that.... meet Cheerio. Cheerio (named by Gabs) arrived about three weeks ago. She just kinda wandered up. I was sure she'd followed a jogger down this way. We live on the end of a busy subdivision, and many joggers come down here on our less crowded end to stay out of the way of traffic. Anyway, we assumed she'd head on home the next day. She did not. Nope. Instead, she let us know she was an inside dog and preferred to be in a lap! She and Gabs were straightaway buddies. And judging by this bow, I can also tell you, Ellie really likes her around too!! So, we made numerous "FOUND" signs and posted them all over the neighborhood. Not a bite!! Notta. Nothing. Then, this past Wednesday, out of the clear blue, Robin let her out the back door, and she disappeared. Without a trace. Although we'd been trying to find her mom and dad, we were pretty shaken up that she was gone. We'd already decided that she'd become a Groves should we never hear from anyone.

And then, yesterday, my neighbor calls me and says she'd seen the signs and wondered if this was our dog. She said, "My boys are in LOVE with this dog, and we intend to keep it if y'all don't want her." DILEMMA!! My girls LOVE her too! But, Lizzie DOES NOT!! We took her for a ride in the golf cart yesterday and let her hang with us around the yard. And at the day's end, she ended up back at the next door neighbor's house. I decided that was that. She'd live there. Or we'd wait for the original parents to call. I have out about 15 signs! And have not heard a thing!

Last night, when I let Lizzie out to do her business, I called her in my usual high-pitched, "Liiizzziiie", whistle, clap, clap, clap... and ta daaaaah, guess who heard me and came a runnin'! She spent the night inside with us again last night. I really want her to live next door, (I think), but will be very conflicted if she is an outside dog and comes running every time I call Liz inside. If she were here, she'd be an inside dog. That's just the way we roll. We adopt kids, dogs, whoever needs a home! ha.

Anyway, I will keep you posted. As for last night, I had a very, very happy three year old to have a little maltese? shihtzu? Anyone? anyone? lying at the foot of her bed!!
But a very UNhappy spaniel? Retriever? anyone? anyone?? in my room being kept SEPARATED from the "intruder".



Bj said...

Oh, I so feel your pain!! Pets are just our 4-legged kiddos! Been there, done that scene! Whatever the outcome, I'm sure that "Cheerio" will be happy, loved and well cared for.....good luck Mo!!!........BJ

Anne said...

Hi, I have a black and white shihtzu (Lacey Lady) who looks just like Cheerio. Miss Lizzie looks like the border collie cross we used to have years ago. My babies like inside too, much safer :) Hope it all works out for you.

Renee said...

Cheerio is precious. Love the bow. I have 2 cats that I rescued and have fallen so in love. One, Baby Girl when she was 6 weeks old and the other, Rusty when he was 10days old.

kimybeee said...

once lizzie realizes cheerio is there to stay, she will get used to her. please hang onto cheerio and keep her inside so she will be safe. encourage the neighbor not to patronize her so she knows who home is. just think that earl had bigger shoes to fill and he sent two new groves dogs to your home!!!! it really would not be fair to gabbi to keep her coming and going and then maybe someday she stops coming back!

kimybeee said...

did i make a good enough argument for you to keep her???? gabs called and asked me to say all of that lol lol lol

Shannon said...

Mo - dogs will usually "work things out" if they are both spayed it should just take some time! Just remind the girls to give equal attention so neither dog has a reason to get jealous :) I'm sure with your busy household that won't be a problem!!