Monday, February 27, 2012

Camp Creative ~Decoupaged Owls

Camp Creative is rocking right along! When the girls get there, I have there places set and all the supplies are out and ready for them.
This is my Monday class. They are the younger of the two classes. And this week's project was to paint an owl and use papers for decoupaging.
We used masking tape to stripe the backgrounds.
Pasie decided to do the slant thing.
I LOVE to watch these little minds work!
I give htem very little input on color choices, and only suggest different options to them.
How they decide to stripe or not stripe a background is up to them!
Pasie used a real watery paint and got a tie dye look to her masking.
Then, Lydia used that funky stencil to make a cool background. We'll be using these in the retreat this weekend too, girls! Yeeehaaaw!

This is prior to the tape being removed.
And Payson just wanted a plain ol lime green background. Usually, she is all things glitter!
Clara is adding so many great things to her collection of her handmade artwork for her bedroom.
And then, we added a simple owl shape with wings cut from scrapbook paper. Oh, and we used old paper bags to make the branches.
I LOVE that during this week's class, the girls were throwing around, "decoupaging" like EVERY 7 year old knows what that is!

I have to say I do really LOVE teaching little girls! They love to learn.
Hey retreat ladies. We'll be doing this too!

Lydia is working on what turned out to be one of my favorite projects of the day.
Lexi always has ideas that are waaay out there. I actualy appreciate that!! My own kid brings home coloring sheets from daycare, and the girls in the pictures rarely have a single color shirt on. Usually, it's patterned and rainbow colored. I am so proud!!
I think the best art comes from a table that looks like this. It is just covered with things free for the taking!
And there's Clara and Kalie Rae. They are cousins, and Kalie is the youngest in both of my classes.
But she is definitely not short on confidence! She jumps right on in!
And Payson down there in the teal shirt is my first cousin's daughter. Payson's granddad is my daddy's brother, and my Uncle Kenny.
I did have to help the girls with the occasional shape. But, I had a whole host of owls for them to choose from (check the green counter in the background. I had owls from the internet taped all over the shelves, and the girls each picked the one that "spoke" to them. I was shocked that almost every one of them chose a totally different one.

And as they started taking shape, I started loving them all the more.

Sarah is my helper. I know I've mentioned that before, but her help is worth mentioning again. She had to leave "work" early tonight, because she will soon be trying out for cheerleader at our area university. Yay for Sarah!

Now seriously... how cute is THAT?!

Each one with its different personality!

And as the branches and eyes were added, the owls really started to show the girls' uniqueness.
and finally.... ta daaaaaah!!
So cute. One of my favorite activities of this class's term.

I really love this one of Lydia's. She chose an unorthodox owl and used a funky background. I love how unique he looks.
Little Miss Kalie decided to add a little "camo" to her owl. ANd since her grandmother collects them, she knew exactly who she'd be giving hers to!
Pasie's tyedie turned out really great.
And then my little monkeys showed up. Naturally, they don't rest until they have done the project too!
I really need to show you how Ellie's turned out. It was quite phenomenal. I failed to take a picture of it. The NERVE!! So, I will have to do that at a later date.
I am planning a retreat for the weekend, and have tons to get done this week, so please just bare with me as I may miss a day or so in blogworld. Also, the physical therapy floodgates have opened, and I am treading water!!



kimybeee said...

have fun with your retreat and thanks for sharing with us!!!

Bj said...

What fun!! Looks like a great time was had by the owls!!....huggers, BJ

Renee said...

Wow, you have quite a few creative girls in your retreat. I'm impressed.

snekcip said...

LOVE THE OWLS!!!! The girls done a fabulous job!! All were unique and cute, my favorite was the owl w/the ORANGE TOUPEE!! LOL!!! That one TOTALLY caught my eye!!!

Looking forward to pics from the retreat!! I would say "HAVE FUN" this weekend...but I've been in your company.... and without a doubt...THEY WILL HAVE FUN!!!! ENJOY LADIES!!!

Kaia said...

So cute! I think this might be my favorite project so far!