Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gabbi's Dance class with Miss Linda Lou

And don't you even think that I would post all about Miss Suzie's dance class without the great equalizer post. I'm a good, just mom like that!! And isn't that what you'd expect? Gabs is in a cute scarf, her Linda Lavender Dance sweatshirt, and Ellie Sue is in booty shorts, toting an iPad!!

Once to dancing, the girls did a little stretching. I happened to snap RIGHT as Linda Lou flung her long flowing locks backward!! Gabs is on the end, closest to my camera.
This is Gabbi and Ella Kate, our neighbor from across the street.
Linda Lou has shown me that this first year of dancing is really more about learning to line up, walk on a line and in a line and the occasional "fancy" activity, like walking on your toes.
I LOVE this picture!! I think it needs to be an ad for them or at very least posted in a poster size at the studio!
That little one behind Linda Lou, here, is Hazel, my friend, Breanna's, little girl.
You might as well know now... there are LOTS of pics in today's post. So, settle in!

But you know how it is... there's only ONE first dance class at 3 years old!
I have a feeling there will be many, many more years of leotards and buns.
This is when Gabbi recognized me in the corner with my camera.
and this is when I told her to hush and get back to work!!

Gabbi has not mastered the changing of the shoes without help. So glad Miss Linda Lou is willing to get right down there on the floor and help them out.
and WHO are you really, if you don't have a monogrammed leotard?! Ha. I love it, Ella Kate.

No matter how much I pin, those fine baby hairs just WILL NOT stay on top of her head.

I wish I knew this little girl's name, but I don't. I think she is so pretty though!

This could be a cute ad for the studio as well. Just sayin'!!

I think Hazel's skirt was riding a little high! But "Boo", (as she will ONLY respond to when she wears her hair in pigtails), will likely be in Gabbi's class for years to come.

Breanna, I included these for you, girlie.

This baby girl really IS the sweetest little thing EVER!!

Now really? How sweet is this?!

Linda Lou is so much fun with these girls. They all adore her!!

Poor, poor Hazel. A hole in her tights and Christmas tap ties! and her mama MAKES tap ties!

I love how they are all into it here. Especially how Gabbi Girl is tilting her head in the dance move. I really can't wait to see them in the recital!!
and here we have the WHOLE crew!
and my baby girl had the seat of honor!

This is it. The photo I would be missing by going to Orlando... IF I didn't get a special privilege of going into the classroom to get this most awesome shot.

I was having some trouble getting Gabbi to look at the camera. She was all about checking out her pals in the class.

So, here it is... Gabbi's first ever dance class. I LOVE it! And I cannot wait to see the recital!
And finally, when Gabs's dance class is over, the big girls are ready to start! Ellie and Madi hang around til it's their turn.
Thank you to Miss Linda and Miss Linda Lou for letting me get these special photos!!



Mama J said...

That's a lotta sweetness there, just saying....thanks for sharing with us.

Bj said...

Takes me back to when my precious granddaughter (age 15 now), started dance class at age 3. So sweet and so cute! Love the pics have 2 very precious girlies...enjoy them while they are young....huggers, BJ

kimybeee said...

just adorable - and breanna is gonna smack you lol

jenny said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! But that's Gabbi, not Ellie in the last pic. Just in case this was a TEST to see who's paying attention!

Renee said...

Too much cuteness in one post! I'm sure the recital will be a hoot!

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