Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing Princess.

As is typical around here on a Saturday afternoon, Kimie came over to visit. And as usual, my girls totally took this opportunity to soak up all that one on one attention!

Today's agenda, PRINCESS dress up.

So many crowns, so little time!

And all the while, Kimie just sat and watched and let them come back and forth in new dresses. Ellie is behind the closet door choosing her next ensemble!

ta daaaahhh... she has emerged.

Gabbi is a totally different type of player. She will sit and study something for a good long while. No numerous outfits for her. She'd rather totally immerse herself in the workings of a glove!

All the while, Kimie sits and waits, and claps, and cheers and serves (That's what Ellie thinks anyway!).

And for this mama that little window of opportunity on a Saturday is like GOLD! Thanks, Kimie.

Getting ready for a FUN weekend. Bad weather expected on Friday, then smooth sailing!!



Sharidrew said...

Wow! I don't think I've ever been first! I don't know about all that princess stuff. (I have a boy) but it sure is cute! Awesome to have friends to help you out too. Enjoy your weekend!!

hugs from Missouri,

Bj said...

TOO CUTE!......huggers, BJ

snekcip said...

Truly love little girls playing dress-up! Truly!! Happy Wednesday Mo!!

Renee said...

Those 2 have quite the princess dress up collection. Precious!

Linda Corn said...

I used to dress up my paper dolls when I was a little girl. I would have been in heaven if I could have dressed up myself that way. Your girls will have a HUGE book of special memories when they grow up. By the way, did Angelina copy her Oscar pose from Ellie? Ellie does it much better! LOL.....
Thanks for the updates and pics. I look forward to them everyday.