Monday, January 16, 2012

A stroll through New Orleans

Soooo, Day Two. This would be Sunday. And don't you EVEN think that things are slow or closed down on Sunday in NOLA!! Nope. In fact, there was a FREE Celo Green concert in the pep rally area. We partook.
Shortly thereafter, we Par-left! It just wasn't all that great. He kept letting other young, unknown singers on the stage, and well, there was just funner things to be done!
Like talk to these random folks. Todd was getting a lot chummier as the day wore on. He is usually reserved. But today... nope! VERRRRY friendly!
And then he stopped to discuss these custom bikes with their owners.
And then he went to a cigar shop. And he bonded with this worker.
He cheered on these dudes as they actually rolled the cigars while he was waiting.
And went into this humidor to buy a few as souveniers. For the record, he is not a smoker. Except sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean when he's feeling six foot tall and bullet proof.
And by bravado, I mean the kind that comes from a little of everything.
And by everything, I mean that is what you see when you are on Bourbon Street.
And by Bourbon Street, I mean, INSANITY!!
ANd by insanity, I mean Cat's Meow... anybody been there?!
Yep... Karaoke!!
Those are a few of our friends with whom we met up during our evening.
These two were brand new friends of ours, the Markels. Really fun couple. Enjoyed their company along with old friends all day long on Sunday.
Fast Forward..... Urrrchhhh.... that's a screeching halt. Nope, not gonna see the rest of the night!! So, it's Monday morning! And we are headed back downtown, much more mellow and walking a bit slower than the previous day! and the action was already beginning.
It was crazy that the closer we got to Jackson Square, the more purple and gold and crimson we saw.

And of course, the panhandlers were getting thicker too. I don't understand that whole, "I'm bohemian and it ain't cool to take baths thing" they got going on! Todd and I were desperately seeking some good food for lunch. But, even at 2:30ish (did I say it was the next "morning"...ok, so maybe I exaggerated a bit!), the lines were so long for luch!

And so we walked and walked and walked... needing to fill our bellies.
Saw this. Pretty funny! Well, was then... not so much now!
Started encountering all kinds of weird outfits.

And girls dragging elephants by a leash. And only on this tiny brief moment did I kind of, maybe a tad, wish I had my girls with me. But... then it passed, and we hightailed it on through the crowd without a care in the world.
People stand still and stick their head in a frame and expect money to be dropped in their buckets. ???I, personally, love all the artists who set up shop around the square. and then Todd spied the ESPN tower. He got all tingly inside.

To be continued!!

And for those of you who asked, the new camera is a Sony Cybershot, with 16.2 pixels and shoots in HD. I just looked at it, and if you are a photographer and are laughing at me right now, you can STOP IT! I have absolutely no idea how to describe a camera other than to read all the words on the side of it. Check ya tomorrow.



Karen said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Love looking at all your pictures and reading about your adventures.

Sending Love your way,

Zhohn said...

Oh I love it! LOVE New Orleans and of course I've been to Cat's Meow! Nothing like karaoke in NOLA. I always enjoy walking around looking at the work of the artists.

Oh, and the 'baby' from your earlier post cracks me up! Of course usually I've had way too much to's so weird that it's hilarious!

I'm enjoying see this side of Todd! Can't wait to see more.

Renee said...

Really wishing the You Mad? poster was a reality, buuuuuutttt...... we all know Ole Nick ain't mad now! Geaux Tigers!

Nascar88_20 said...

Looked for y'all in the crowd during Mike & Mike in the Morning, but I guess that was a little early for you.