Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Orleans- Part Three

Just in case you haven't seen enough of NOLA yet, oh no... we are NOT done. In fact, we won't even be done after today! One more after this. Can you tell I thoroughly enjoyed my little portable camera? Too bad for you... Let the picture taking commence!

Oh not cool! Look at all that red!
And right about then, we ran into Elaina, Mary Allison's older sister. Can you imagine? All the people down there, and it's, "Heeeeey Elllaaainna!!!!"
More cool street art.
And this kid smartly had half of his body/ clothes painted purple and gold. The other side was grey and red. Depending on who wanted to pay him to get a picture with him, is how he'd decide which side to show off.
Street people really make some cashola here! All of these people are gathered around to watch some dudes do their thing on the street. We didn't go over there, so I am not sure what the big hubbub was all about.
And if my husband is ever caught wearing these pants, please take him to the psychatric ward, because he will have officially gone crazy!
Every shop you walk by has LOADS of beads for sale! It's a New Orleans staple!
Beads. And masks.
And hot sauce. This whole store was nothing but hot sauces.
See!? There's one of EVERY kind here.
Todd usually makes a little stop here. But not today. He was RUSHING me through the French Market, because it was 3:30 and the game started at 6:30 or so. He was afraid we'd be late. He was about to send ME to the psych ward!!
But the French Market is something that I just CANNOT miss. It has so many unique gifts!

ANd finally we found a place we could eat without waiting in an insane line.
I can dig some raw oysters!!
I was happy. Todd was fake happy. Because all he wanted to do was get back to the hotel, change, and walk to the dome to wait 2 hours til gametime!
In case you watch Swamp People on TV and wonder if we really do eat alligator... the answer is yes.

Now this dude's NOLA art was pretty neat. It was made entirely out of packing tape! And this is the inside of your run of the mill sidewalk shop.

So is this gigantic stuffed gator. Right inside the door.

All the shops are so unique and cute and I wanted to go in every one of them. But, again, only two hours or so til gametime!! (insert eye roll here)
So as we HOOFED it back to our room, I kept right on snapping pics.
These are a few of the excursions available through the downtown tourism group.

And you may have heard of beignets and the place that made them famous... Cafe de Monde. Delicious!

I think I may add this to my bucket list... displaying my art in Jackson Square. Sounds like a totally cool thing to do, at least for a short little span of my life.

Now THAT's hot.

This is Jackson Square. Or at least one of the four sides that make up Jackson Square. That's the cathedral that is famously in many photos from NOLA.
And that dude on the right looked just like your daddy, Veronicia! I had to sneak his picture. Looked way more like him in person than in this photo.
And now that we are actually moving in the direction of our hotel, Todd is MOVING!!
I'm soaking it all up... all the psychics and palm readers, and card readers. I have seen them a thousand times, and can never get the nerve up to let them read my palm or give me a fortune. It just sorta freaks me out. Seems of the underworld or something. I just can't go there.

Little signs like this one sprinked the balconies of the Quarter. Oh, and I DO have on my bucket list to watch Mardi Gras from one of these balconies. I've done it from the ground (back in college), but I want to experience it from up here. Anyone know someone who has a place who'd let me and T the B come hang during the big carnival?! Holla!!
Todd has been buying me prints from this artist for years. He's very ecclectic. I love his weirdness.
And check out all the purple and gold beads strewn all over the streets.

Okaaaay, okaaaay, I'm coming, Stuperman!! One thing is for SHO... we are NOT gonna be late!!
Tomorrow... the big game.



Zhohn said...

Love it! I think you should bring your art down to the Square. I love to stop and look at it all.

Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the next post!

Renee said...

NOLA is a cool city to visit. Not sure I'd ever want to live there though. Are you sure you want to put picks up about that pitiful game? I soooo wanted to see Nick throw his headphones, buuut noooooo, our Tigers gave him no reason AT ALL to get huffy about anything. :(((

Kris said...

Love the tour and I can't help but notice you got a lot of pics of Todd actually looking at the camera during this trip.

Sharidrew said...

Love this trip to NOLA! I really really want to go there for a visit! And you should definitely display your art on Thompson Square!! No doubt! I loved the sign that said "don't sit here, stupid" HAHA.....Can't wait for more.

Hugs from Missouri,

Sandy P said...

I totally thought MA was there. They look just alike.

Veronicia said...

Oh my gosh! He does favor my daddy! He would sit on a bench with all the craziness going on around him just watching!

Veronicia said...

Oh my gosh! He does favor my daddy! He would sit on a bench with all the craziness going on around him just watching!

Veronicia said...

Oh my gosh! He does favor my daddy! He would sit on a bench with all the craziness going on around him just watching!