Wednesday, January 18, 2012


And finally... game night!! Todd and I started the several block walk to the Superdome.
Check out the lights turned on in the tallest building in the picture below.
And as has been the trend of the weekend, Todd zoned in on this sign!!

HOW in the world did we not get our invitation to the ESPN VIP event?! What!?
They did throw me a really cool strand of glowing ESPN beads.
On our way to the dome, we were once again joined by a little impromptu parade.

and the crowd thickened!! REALLY, REALLY thickened!!
REALLY, REALLY, REALLY thickened!! It was shoulder to shoulder!
And remember we were about an hour and a half early!
Finally, we perched up on hte ramp where we could get a bird's eye view of the crowd.
Todd was readying himself to make it through the crowd and was plotting our course.

up on the ramp of the Dome, we saw the ESPN Game Day crew.
Oh, by the way, since the horrible flood in NOLA, Mercedes Benz has done a major overhaul of the dome. Yay for them so Louisiana can once again be prowd of their state's main sport's arena.

And then they opened the gates.
Todd and I were crammed in, but we were happy as larks to be there.
We were still in GEEEEAAUUX TIIIIGERR mode.
I was shoved over to the female line, and Todd was hanging back in the male line.
Right about here, I was IN and he was still praying to make it through the pat down. They patted down every person coming in that place!

And because we were so dang early.... check out the EMPTY stands.

But, we were there!!
Watching the team warm up! And stretch, and run, and put on their helmets. Nope. We didn't miss even a smidge of the action!
The stands started filling up.
And the pregame got even more exciting.
Then the Golden Band came on the field to get the crowd all fired up.
And the National Anthem ALWAYS gets EVERYONE fired up!
The spirit groups lined up awaiting the entrance of the teams, and the air was electric!
"they" came out.
And then our TIGERS hit the field!!

And it was time for kickoff!! Can I tell you how weird it was that the dude down here in the black hat is from West Monroe? I noticed him and said, "HEY, Dr. King. And he turned around just about as surprised as I was. And not only that, but of the 80,000ish people in the dome, that guy right there in the white shirt is a physical therapist from Lafayette, who I went to undergraduate school with in the late 80's. Is that just bizarre? I knew THREE people within the five or so rows from where I was sitting. Oh, hey. I know HIM too! And he is looking GLOOMY!! Must've been about the third quarter!! Hey Polly, do you read my blog?! This dude on our row looked JUST LIKE Mike W!! I was so freaking out at how much he looked like him! I had to sneak this whole stalker-like pic of him.Seeeeeee???During the fourth quarter there was a sea of purple and gold heading back to the hotel rooms. I mean, who wanted to hang around for red and white confetti and a bunch of screaming, elated fans?

NOt bad losers. Just not wanting to hanga round for the shame of a total shut out!! Gotta tell ya... we are still BIGTIME Tiger fans! Looking forward to another winning season. Hope to be right back here next year!



Zhohn said...

Great pics of you and Todd. My goodness that was a crowd! Love all of the pics.

Oh i recognize that room! Last time I went to NOLA we ended up staying in that was a last resort thing, probably wont book there again...just a little far and on the 'dark' side.

rebeccabrabb said...

OMG! there is a guy behind yall when yall are going into the dome. he is wearing purple polo shirt. i went to school with him. his name is jeremy wood. he was a year behind me. small world! out of all the people in your pics you got someone from ferriday/jonesville.

Renee said...

Yea a night of excitement that lead to pure disappointment for us Tiger fans. Still love em too even though ole Nick gets his way again. GEAUX TIGERS!!!