Monday, January 16, 2012

Arriving in New Orleans

My recount of last week's National Championship Game in New Orleans will be a lengthy one. In fact, it'll be devided into three posts. But, I swear, half the time I "THINK" in terms of blogging. I know that many of you have been to New Orleans, and some may even live in Louisiana so may have been there many times. But as we drove into town, and I started seeing those huge oak trees everywhere, I thought, I should share this on my blog with all the people who may have never been to New Orleans.
So, today's post is basically as we were arriving in New Orleans.
There may be lots of places that look like this, but I haven't been to them. I find New Orleans to be very, very unique!! However, I doubt there are other places where the oaks are draped with last year's strands of beads. They're everywhere down here near the French Quarter. This is St. Charles Street.

Here is the trolley that runs along St. Charles.
This is the visitor's bureau, so naturally you'd expact a big ol fleur de lis.
New Orleans (or let's just say NOLA for short), is full of old buildings that have been around over 100 years.
And these trees are about that old as well. I love how they are just right there on the side of the streets, draped over like a big canopy.
Here's Todd all nervous about finding his way to the hotel. (We took a new way into the city). He is NOT what I'd call an adventurer! I am.
I have no idea who this is. Sorry. I just thought the statue was cool. I'd guess Robert E. Lee, but I really don't know why he'd be memorialized in New Orleans. then again, history is NOT my bag.
Now, having said that, a couple we met while down here told me that we MUST go to this relatively new museum. He said it was unbelievable, and it's a must see the next time I go to New Orleans.
I don't know what this place is, but I DO think this is a place I need to visit next time too!!
Ok, so here we are actually nearing the hotel and getting near the Quarter.
If you've seen pictures of NOLA, then you've seen the balconies on just about everything. Think about the People Mag pics of Brangelina. That is exactly what it all looks like down here.
And the food. DUDE!! There is absolutely nothing like the food in New Orleans!! And in case you didn't know, Zatarains is a seasoning that is put on everything in Louisiana.
That's our state flag with the pelican on it.
And the buildings are pretty fabulous.
The intricate detail work is pretty phenomenal.
This is where we stayed. This is NOT where we will be staying in future trips. We usually like to stay closer to the action in the Quarter. But, we only decided, like, Thursday before the weekend of the game, that we'd be going. Soooo, beggars can't be choosers.
And I think that in the past, Wyndham has been a really nice place to stay. Just not necessarily when in New Orleans.
So, we unpacked and went for a stroll.
It was Saturday evening and we were heading to the Superdome for the Saints game. And in NOLA, you see all kinds of things.
It got a bit congested as we got closer to the dome.
But people were in typical Louisiana fashion, with beads and umbrellas, and crazy get ups.
Just a few blocks from the dome, there were tents set up for tailgating and for selling souvies for the upcoming BIG game.
The panhandlers were al over the place trying to earn their money. This dude is down in a box, but it looks like he is a baby in a carseat. Strange.

And there were typical jazz bands set up along the walk with, of course, a box set out for tips.
And here we are... just outside the major crowd of folks who were waiting to get in the dome.

I hope I don't offend, but I found this dude to be pretty funny. His cloak says, "Breesus Christ".
As you may or may not know, Drew Brees is our quarterback and a huge hero here in NOLA.

There was a pre-party happening down in Champions Square pre-game. Todd and I missed that for the Saints game AND the LSU game! We took the high road, literally! We are up on the ramp looking down into the fun. We could still hear the bands and watch all the nuts.

ANd you also realize that NOLA is known for their history of voodoo and such. Have you seen The Princess and the Frog, the newer Disney movie, with the new princess, Tiana. Even Disney recognized the whole voodoo thang prevalent down here in the bayou land. The Saints were playing Detroit Lions. I know nothing about Detroit. Except that Kid Rock is from there.
We had great seats. Right down near the field.

This shirt kinda cracked me up. He was a few rows in front of us. Todd bought a new camera prior to our leaving. I LOVE it. It fits in our pockets, takes video AND cool panoramic pictures like this one.
But I digress. This girl was also two rows in front of us. She has on a shiny gold bikini over her clothes.

Todd and I were BEAT after the game. THe Saints won, by the way. So, we walked back to the hotel. There was a sushi bar in our hotel. With all the cajun deliciousness in NOLA, we end up eating sushi. We will be returning to that sushi bar after the LSU game too! We just were not up to walking the streets after that loss.
Back in the room, I thought it was funny to see how much purple and gold Todd the Bod had packed.
Oh, and might I share my awesome new purse! I love it. Canton find!
Day two... about to go see the town...
And as we are walking down toward the French Quarter/ French Market.
Look at this... Look closely... See the shaved poodles?!
First stop... Landry's. and a GREAT lunch. But before that.... bloody marys!!
And in NOLA, bloody marys are like a lunch in themselves. Peppers, olives, spiced beans, okra...
And we ran into our good friends, Bo and Kori from home.
And here are my boobs.
oh. and me. Right above my boobs! WHoa!

Once we hit the main streets, there were LSU and Alabama colors EVERYWHERE!!
The LSU pep rally was set up for 2:00. We made it there in time.
But had to be out of there by 4:00 when the Alabama fans had their turn at "rallying".
Look here they come now. I love how in NOLA, there are impromptu parades all day long.

This city will celebrate just about anything. I kinda like that. A lot.
And here's the tail end of hte Golden Band from Tiger Land.
Different cars would drive by blaring the LSU fight song, or Sweet Home ALabama, as it was.

But we just went from bar to bar, Todd perpetually looking for games on the big screens, and the girls looking for good shopping in the immediate area.
And so it was. Day two in New Orleans, LA. Had a ball. Todd started his drinking a little too early. And you will see the results of that in tomorrow's post.
I know I have posted a TON of pics, and it may wear you out, but I just like to share. And this new tiny easy to carry camera means I whip it out for every little thing. More new Orleans tomorrow.


P.S. In the comments, I am often asked several questions and, I;ll admit, I am not the best about responding. So, one I remember is about Gabbi's quilt on her bed. It came from Target. If you've asked me something lately, and I didn't respond, please reask. I promise to answer.


Bj said...

Kewl pictures Mo! The more the merrier to are worth a thousand words and besides, they kinda make you feel like you were there yourself! Looks like you guys had a blast....good for you!!....huggers, BJ

adrogan said...

I love all the pics!!!! We can kind of live vicariously (sp) through them! Im kinda jealous that yall got tickets at such the last minute!WoW! Saints game would have been fun...LSU not so much! Dont know what happen to our Tigers!#??!!!!

coolgirl2011 said...

Love the picstures,another great place to visit when you bring Ellie and Gabbi down is the Childrens Museum.

Sharidrew said...

love the pics! I've never been to NOLA so seeing it through your eye is fun! I can't wait to see drunk Todd! LOL. Happy Monday.

Hugs from Missouri,

kimybeee said...

never edit - keep it coming!!!! this is how we know you so well!!!!

Steph said...

I grew up in New Orleans, from birth to 13, so thanks for a trip home! I have had the opportunity to go the WWII museum and it is wonderful and I'm sure that they have expanded since I have been there.

Renee said...

I live 45 mins out of NOLA. That city finds a reason to throw a party. Glad it has bounced back from Katrina. It was a hard week for Louisiana football teams. :( But I still say GEAUX TIGERS AND GEAUX SAINTS!!!!! If I remember right, Tod loves him some Green Bay. Hard week for them too.

Kelly said...

What type of camera do you have? I would love to have a small camera that takes great pictures! :)Looks like you had lots of fun in NOLA!

Holly said...

Love NOLA - always one of our favorite get-aways! My parents actually honeymooned there in 1942, still have their picture at Court of Two Sisters. My parents were 20 and18 years old. My Dad had never checked into a hotel before and was so nervous he showed the desk clerk at the Monteleone Hotel their wedding license to prove they were married. Evidently the entire staff at the hotel thought it was so funny they teased them the whole time.

Keep sharing those pictures! I love them!

crazy said...

Mo what kind of camera is it? I too am looking for something small and new.

KaiEllis said...

Mo, love that you mentioned experiencing parts of your trip thinking about how you would blog it. I do that too, thinking how I can share an experience, how to describe or explain something I am seeing or doing. I also love taking lots and lots of pictures. I think of it as my way of living in the moment! Love your blog and I thank you for sharing your joie de vivre and family with a stranger of many years. Watching your girls and "visiting" your family year after year through your blog is something I treasure.

KaiEllis said...
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