Sunday, January 15, 2012

First annual Miss America Pageant Party

Well, we decided Friday morning as we were watching the early show and getting ready for school/ work, that we'd have ourselves a Miss America Pageant Party. And so, on Saturday, the girls and I ran around town picking up a few essentials. We bought some satin ribbon so we could make sashes. Each girl personalized their own, and as seen above, the little ones did as well. Ellie's said "Best Cousin Ever" per Madi's request.

This is Most Beautiful, Emma Claire. Although, with that solemn look, she is NOT going to win Miss Congeniality.

This is our crown decorating, sash decorating area.

This is Maddi and her little sister, Lydia. Maddi was one of the "big girls" who came over to help us with hair and make up.

Naturally, this fruit loop headed back to get into her bathing suit as soon as she saw the contestants on stage sporting theirs.

Emma Lou went all out with a big rhinestone crown and, actually, rhinestones dripping all over her! Here, she is partaking in the make up station with Katherine who volunteered to help with the project.

And this is Taylor. She was working that hair chair!

Sarah was the ring leader who rounded up the helpers for me.

All little girls love make up, but throw in some high school girls putting it on, and it elevates to a whole new level of COOL!

It was a full scale beautification project.

This is Amy. She came over with Emma Lou. And she is a really FUN girl. She CHOSE to be Miss Congeniality!!

Clara was Miss Super Smile.

and you may remember Jessi's daughter, Kaitlyn. She's already had makeup. Now, she needs her hair "did".

Sarah, from our old next door, came over too.

As did Isabella, from Ellie's dance class.

Some of our make up artists were a little more forward than others. Maddi liked the "bold" eye wiht swoopy eye liner.

Jin and Staci hung out at the snack counter.

Taylor worked HARD to curl Emma Claire's hair. I have never seen hair that just straight up will NOT curl. Hers would NOT!

How funny is that? I thought it was pretty awesome!

Clara and Lydia are buds from WAY back. See how they both added a little rhinestone/pearl bling to the tops of their crowns.

Gabs LOVED having her make up done.

She relished every minute. Ellie couldn't stop long enough to even have her hair done. As you will soon see, she was too busy coming up with ways to entertain the crowd.

I got out LOTS of shadows so the girls could choose the look they were most wanting.

Breanna brought her two girls over and also made us some grape skewers. All kids love grape skewers!

In fact, there's Hazel, there, in the Rapunzel dress.

Remember that hair that wouldn't curl? Nevermind that! Ha. We took care of that little problem with a clip on hairpiece.

Sarah was Miss Junior America. Emma was Miss Photogenic.

And Kaitlyn was Miss Perfect Peach.

Madi sure got up there and got her face done!

And here you have Clara, Miss Pretty Smile.

We all gathered around to watch Miss Louisiana, Hope Anderson, go all the way to Top 10. The adults played a little contest to see who could pick the most girls in Top 10, then Top 5.

All those clothes in on our dress rack were for when the girls felt the need to change.

There's Miss Oklahoma. She was TINY, but I kind of liked her the most. Other than Hope, of course. Many of us chose Miss Tennessee as the prettiest!

Oh wait!! Did Ellie actually stop to get her face done?! Yeah. Looks like it. But she did it with great flair!

Others changed dresses, Ellie just changed swimsuits, oh...and put on something for the talent competition.

These were the trinkets we used to dress up the crowns. And the pink pearly candy? Sixlets!!

We had blingy earrings and rings.

Moms pretty much hung around the kitchen and the snacks.

This is when Miss Louisiana was chosen 15th of the Top 15. We were sweating it right about now.

And here are a bunch of the dressed up dolls.

Toddlers and Tiaras babay!!

I had to get in on the action too! After all, I wore rhinestones, sequins, and heels. Soooo....

And now we will begin the talent section of our competition!!

See that little girl doing a "trick" on the hearth?! That'd be MY kid. The kid my mom says couldn't be more like me if I'd carried her in my own womb! And if you are wondering where my precious angel is during all of this... she'd already hit the hay! Girlfriend don't play when it's bedtime!

So, as the beauty queens did their best pageant waves, we called it a night.

A really, really fun night!



Our 3 Miracles said...

What a fun night! I love how you can turn anything into a party, certainly memories your girls will have forever!

Zhohn said...

What fun!!!

Kala said...

Oh how fun!

Robin said...

You sash of "Super Mom" could not describe you any better! Thank you once again for an amazing night. I really loved that it involved both of my girls, and they both had the time of their lives and a memory they will forever treasure.

mark and bobbi said...

You have got to be one of the coolest mama's I have ever known. You girls will grow up loving life because you have show them how!

Crystal Davis said...

Clara says, "Ms. Melanie gives the best parties ever"!! I have to agree....she is still talking about it thus very minute! Thank you!

Sarah Moore said...

Isabella had a blast!!! Thanks so much for including her! Loved your house, it was beautiful.

Beth E. said...

Looks like loads of fun...I know the little girls LOVED having the big girls give them makeovers! :-)