Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gettin ready for Miss America!!

What are you doing tonight?!
Well, weeeeeeeee are getting ready for the Miss America pageant! We decided (YESTERDAY morning) that we should start another fun annual event! So we called up a few friends, and told them to put on their best pageant attire, and come on over.

It was hilarious to see everyone coming in with the teenagers in the area's clothes on... from prom, homecoming, etc. (Thanks, Taylor), even though you aren't even in town, and your closet was RAIDED!!

Emma and Amy showed up with a couple of Taylor's dresses.

And then, Ellie Sue decided to follow suit and get out of her originally planned outfit (Top of page) and do a dress! Thank God.

When she decided she HAD to have heels like the big girls, I took her to my closet. One would think she would pick some glittery heels.

But, noooooo.... she wanted some leather wedges. Why does that surprise me?!

Madi came over in sportswear, wearing all sequins... top and bottom!

And I, of course, am totally ready to roll in crown, rhinestones, and a sequin top.

Gooooo, Miss Louisiana. Hope Anderson... we will be pulling for you! More on this party tomorrow.


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Zhohn said...

I'm sitting here waiting for it to start! This is so cute! You are the coolest mom! I'm following the party on Facebook.

Go Miss Louisiana!!!