Saturday, December 31, 2011

Todd's Man Cave... at Christmas

Yep. I kinda thought everyone would like to hear from Miss Mary Allison herself. It seems she was somewhat inspirational. She's a cool kid. I think we'll keep her! and let's move along on our Christmas Tour of Homes. Next up... Todd's man cave. Here he keeps a picture of our beloved Earl. I used to collect sporty Santas for him, but quite frankly, I don't have any more room for any new ones, so I just display the current collection.

One plays baseball, but all the rest are golfers.

I think they make a fine fit in this "boys only" room!

Although not on in this photo, we had lights strung all through this garland. I haven't taken any of these down yet, JUST IN CASE we end up having a party at our house for the big national Championship game!

There are even LSU helmet lights intertwined all in the garland!!

More golfing Santas!And then a few specific LSU figurines too.

Here's our LSU tree.

This sucker is FULL of LSU ornaments! I used to collect just about anything that was sporty or purple and gold. Now, it pretty much has to say LSU to make the cut. We are just plain old out of room!

And strangely, no matter where I am, I can see an ornament and totally remember if I do or do not already have it. And for that matter, I am referring to the ornaments on all SEVEN trees in my house!

That number one is a new one this year.

As is this one.

And I added two nutcrackers and this jersey.

And this was the first year I'd ever seen this megaphone.

Or this symbol of a structure on LSU's campus.

I am pretty sure this is a last year's jewel.

I even still have this invitation to Cindy's son, Robert Scott's, 5th birthday party. He is now in middle school!

Oh, and I like this one too. It's an LSU tiger choking an Auburn tiger.

Not that I am condoning violence or anything!

I had the opportunity to get Todd's dad's ballglove framed for him. He was pretty surprised.

I even scoured through tons of old photos to find this one of him and his dad, with Todd in his beloved Cowboys jersey. They shared a bond of a love of sports.

The plate on the bottom, in case you can't make it out, says

Scott Groves 1947-1997

Annnnnd, there's Ellie... not about to let me alone for a few minutes! Nosirreee. She is going to be wherever her mama is!! for sho!

And shall we take a little walk outside now?!

I am also leaving all of this up until at least the 9th when LSU creams Alabama.

Yes, as a matter of fact I DO know that I take Christmas a tad bit over the top when I am even decorating the back porches.

But hey, to each his own, right?! And if you look waaaaay back there, you can also see that the cottage is decorated.

This was a rainy, dreary kind of day. Doesn't matter to me though. I LOVE a reason to have to stay inside this time of year!

Ellie.... get back under this porch!!

And finally the screened porch! You know the PLANNED screened porch that has no screen!

What it DOES have is a seriously SAD looking poinsettia!!

And some cute cushions and bows!!

Have a great day everybody. Be safe. Be responsible. And be thinking about your word... what do you hope to see more of in your life in 2012!? I think I know mine, but I need to percolate on it all day tomorrow and maybe Sunday as well.



Amy K said...

Love the man cave! Holy LSU tree! But, of course, it goes without saying that the Packers hat would be my favorite! ;)
You've got some awesome patio decorations too.
Can't wait to hear your word.

Bj said...

LOVE IT!!!....I just wish you could bottle your energy and send a case of it...LOL! HAPPY NEW YEAR to yours from mine...huggers, BJ

Becky said...


Auntie Mip said...

Dear Mo,

Happy New Year to the Groves!

I want/ need to Thank You! You see last year was the fort year I had ever heard about. "word" to design your year and intentions around...I usually don't "embrace" such thing :).

But for whatever reason I did and took the next step to share with yu on your "Nest" post of last year! You even so kindly created a talisman for me and shared a "e" you had been saving for your Ellie!

Well I certainly did EMBRACE 2011! I acted on impulse to an offer that presented itself and have a new job that I LOVE! It was a HUGE paycut, but it gave me the opportunity to live something I have always does not buy happiness and I feel so happy. Happier than I have felt in a very long time.

I opened myself up to embracing happily ever after again. Something I would not have considered since a painful relationship ended seven years ago...I am still working hard on this one but I am not afraid of it anymore.

In November I began training to run a half marathon for the Leukemia Lymphoma society. I am in no way a runner and am only in marginally good shape, but why not. And while sweet Jake did not have leukemia I plan to wear his name on my jersey on May 6, 2012 in Vancouver BC along with my brother's and so many other kiddos who I have taken care of over the years!

So THANK YOU Mo!!! Of course I am responsible for all of these choices, but had their been no Mo, the idea of crossing and living a verb would have never occurred to me. My talisman hangs in a prominent space in my new office. People ask me about it all the time and I tell them about my "friend" Mo, the auntie, the therapist, the artist, the MAMA who taught me the value of embracing life!

May 2012 bring you and your entire family unimaginably MO JOY!

Auntie Mip said...

Edited to add:

1.) Happy Birthday Jake!
2.) "fort" = first
3.) "a 'E' " should have been an E
4.) "crossing" = choosing
5.) Typos really bug me..friggin iPad!

The End

Renee said...

Awesome purple and gold! I love Todd's man cave except for 1 thing---that Green Bay hat!!! Geaux Saints!!!!!