Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve.

We decided to just hang around our house tonight. Having preschoolers means lots of things. It means I don't want to start a new year by leaving them home with a babysitter. It means, I don't feel like risking being on busy roads when others have been drinking and may be driving.

It means, let's get our baths early, then pull up a seat in the front yard and watch the neighbors put on an epic fireworks display!

It means we get to start our new year together! And that's just exactly how I would want it.

So, with that... have you decided on your word for the year? I have. I struggled with it!

First, I just knew it was going to be BUILD. Then, I really wanted PLAN. I even sat down and started a list of all the things I was PLANning in 2012. As I worked on that list, I realized that was really not what I was seeking at all.

What I really want to see more of is....

I'll tell you in a minute. Now, I will continue the story of our fancy schmancy New Year's Eve celebration. As you may remember, this is Jake's birthday . As far as my kids are concerned, that is why everyone is sending up fireworks and celebrating.

I just love it that they think that!

So, we did like we always do. We got our balloons ready. And Ellie kept telling me she wanted a "word".

I thought maybe she wanted to pray over them. But, finally I realized she wanted to WRITE a word on it. So, I gave her that opportunity. In fact, I let Gabs get after it too.Wait! Ellie wasn't quite done. She also needed to add a little color!

There! That oughta do it!

Gabs had already streaked outside to let hers go. At least her feet are warm.

Next up... Ellie Sue.

And so we let them send our balloons too. Daddy had gone by MMPT to use our helium tank to make four balloons, one for each of us to send.

This was a message from Daddy to Jake.

Gabbi Girl prepares for round two.

Jake, wherever you are and whatever you are doing... I hope you know for SURE that we have never and never will forget you! You are always going to be a four year old to us, because I have no idea how to imagine you as a 10 year old. WOW!!

You'd actually have some of your "big teeth" by now. Something you never got to experience.

But your picture was all over our Christmas tree. Your photos dot our home. Your memory is all over our lives.

And like that... the fourth and final balloon was launched to you.

Your MO has a big 2012 planned! I have always sort of done things on a whim. Always last minute. Never any real specificity to my daily routines. ANd now with little girls who rely on me to teach them about life, and how to maximize it... well, I have finally figured out what I hope to see more of in 2012.


More on how/ why and what I intend to create ORDER in tomorrow. Are you ready to share your word?! Just think of what's been on your mind lately. What you've been wishing you coudl do more. How you want to feel? What has to happen to feel that way?! Choose your verb!! Then, live it out in 2012!!

Happy New Year, y'all!!



Kathryn said...

Yay for 'order'!

'Courage' is mine!

Riley said...

I like your plan for ORDER. I think that makes perfect sense for where your life is right now. I have since changed my proposed 2012 word from ROOTED to THRIVE. Whenever you start making Talismans again, I would love a colorful (including green) themed one centered around THRIVE.

Amy K said...

What an awesome tribute to the sweet birthday boy, Jake!
Great word! As you already know, mine is "do".
Happy New Year Groves family!

Bj said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR MO & your "word"...mine is a close cousin to word for 2012 is "Organization"....I will be retiring from the work-force on Jan. 31st...and I am going to be working on the organization of my life, my time, my house and my finances! Gonna be a "busy" year!....huggers, BJ

Mary said...

Happy New Year! Mine is restore! This year has been crazy busy with work and it has taken a toll on my health both physcially and mentally so need some time to restore the body and spirit!

Sam said...

We need some order around our house too! But my word for this year is...Awakened! Because God has put a new fire in me! So I have been Awakened! Happy New Year!

coolgirl2011 said...

Happy New Year to you & your family!!
Happy Birthday Jake!!
My word is "Treasure"

Julie said...

Achieve is mine. I have been a sideline dweller for too long. I set some awesome goals for this year and I am going to ACHIEVE them. :) I have already been 5 days without a cigarette!! :)

Sandy P said...

Sounds like you have the same thoughts as me. Control is what I have been thinking. There always seems to be chaos in everything around me. I want to try to get control of a lot it.

By the way-in Guidepost magazine for January, there is and article of picking your word. Have you seen it?

Mbeaty19 said...

My word is Devote/Devotion. I have many reasons for picking this word but it's really hard to explain right now. Simply put I devoting myself to the things that are most important and need more devotion from me: My relationship with God, my family and their needs, and getting healthy and feeling better physically and mentally.

Renee said...

Happy New Year Mo! Love the balloons for Jake!

Robin said...

LOVE this post! Would you believe I read it out loud with tears in my eyes?!! NOOO... not me! ;) CHEERS to Order!! PERFECT! I can't wait!

jenny said...

Mo, I've never done this word thing before, but this year, my hubby and I sat on the couch and talked for a long time on New Year's Eve. It's been a tough year for us in some ways, and we just really needed to sort of re-group and re-prioritize. After a lot of discussion, we decided our word for 2012 is GRATITUDE. We want to have grateful hearts for all the blessings God has poured out on us. To be intentionally grateful for the good stuff and to let go of the bad stuff. I really think it will also help us to be more POSITIVE and JOYFUL in 2012. But our focus is going to be on GRATITUDE. Hope you and yours have your best year ever!