Sunday, December 25, 2011

A surprise for mama!

Well, well, well... as you likely know things are busy for everyone nowadays, and so I have been slight on the daily blogging. However, I did load a few pics to do a short by sweet post. Dear ol Santa hooked Mama up with this really cool piece of furniture. In fact, he even placed it exactly where I'd hoped to see it one day.

I saw this at a store one day and thought it would be super awesome to keep the weekly activities for my art classes organized and out of the way of MY art projects that are usually strewn all over my art tables. I mentioned that to Robin who apparently whispered that in Santa's ear. I was VERY surprised and VERY excited!!

The only thing is that when Todd built that cool license plate/ coatrack, he screwed every plate directly into the wood behind it. (WHY!??) So, I don't really want to move it and have holes all in the wall. Obviously I can't use it to hang anything on, so it'll just have to be eyecandy!

I've already moved many of the projects to the drawers, and it has proved to be as perfect as I'd imagined!! Thanks, Santa!!

Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere.



Zhohn said...

Merry Christmas Groves family!! Love that piece, Mo!
Hope y'all have a wonderful day!

Ginny D. said...

What a cool piece of furniture...perfect for you!

I don't know about your other readers, but I'm looking forward to reading what names were on your gift tags this year. Your post about it last year CRACKED ME UP!

Ginny D. said...

Oh...and Merry Christmas! :-)

Renee said...

Beautiful piece of furniture.

Anonymous said...

Santa is great!