Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hazel's third birthday party.

One of our good friends from dance class, Hazel, invited us to a birthday party this week. Judging by the way they were hugging it out, I think Hazel and Gabbi were happy to see each other.

I was experimenting with and without flash, so just bear with me.

Ok, so Hazel is my friend, Breanna's, 3rd child. This is William. He's their fourth.

And my kids L.O.V.E. him!!

Breanna is in the business of party planning and decor, so as one would expect her party was OVER the top!

I can totally appreciate how much work went into making this party special! (Hey, Breanna, SAVE those hangy doily thingies. I WILL be using those at our summer parties!)

Breanna made each one of the guests a unique monster shirt. (this is her second child, Elijah.)

She had funny mouths for the suckers. Gabbi had hers.

And I had mine. Every detail was convered. She makes these hats in her etsy store, Bayou Moon. But, I think she is "closed" temporarily due to the craziness of the season and her moving into and renovating a new house.

Oh... and Ellie had hers too!

Then, we all made monster masks. Gabbi really got into character!

In fact, she made two!

Everyone also got to take home a cute little monster bowl and spoon.

The cake was super cute, as was the matching coconut and chocolate snoballs.

There were healthy snacks as well. Cups of veggies and skewers of grapes.

And she had her oldest, Renee (9, I think), draw all the artwork for the party. This was probably my favorite part!

Fun striped paper straws and one eyed monster cups!

yep. Every detail was attended to. And the kids had a blast.

It was a small party, just a few cousins and my girls. oh... and of course, the grandparents!

Just right for a bright eyed newly THREE year old!!

She was pretty proud of the whole thing! WHat three year old isn't though, huh?!

We sang "Happy Birthday", and it was fun to realize that my Gabs is now able to sing along. (she's been in speech therapy for months)

And then the big moment arrived...

the blowing out of the candles.

Such a sweet little thing.

This may be my favorite picture!!

Good ol mom had to come in as breath support!

And then good ol dad had an impromptu finger puppet show with the birthday girl.

These little rings were our napkin holders.

It was truly a hit, Bre. And Hazel will treasure these memories.

As will my girls!!



Ava said...

What a cute party idea!

Renee said...

Love the decorations! Too cute! I think my favorite might be the green one eyed monster cup.