Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just for Ginny!

Hey Ginny, y0ur request did not fall on deaf ears!! As requested, here are Todd's tags on my gifts this year. I am pretty sure this is meant to be Julius. I'll explain WHY I think he chose this name in a minute.

Not exactly sure WHERE in the world he came up with Steve.

He used the same wrapping paper he wrapped all my presents in to make these "fancy schmancy" nametags!

As for my fingernails, my four year old gave me a mani today as soon as she dove into her stocking. YES... I AM a glutton for punishment for giving her more fingernail polish. But it makes her soooooo happy!!

It's crazy that year after year, Les never fails to get me a gift. I mean, he must be so busy planning for the big BCS Championship game with his LSU Tigers!! And still, he thought about little ol' me!

Mary Allison came over and helped me wrap a little too. There was the occasional gift I bought myself and told her to wrap to me from him. In such a case, she was sure to stay consistent with his weirdness!

And then, Todd's favorite X Factor contestant, Chris Renee, took time out of his busy schedule to send me a gift. Very nice!

And in the same vein as Julius, above, Atia is apparently a character in the HBO series, ROME. I have ZERO interest in such a series, but sometimes all wives understand that they sacrifice a few gifts in the name of getting something that they KNOW is really meant for the husband, but he just wraps it for us and says, "I thought maybe you'd like this. You don't!??" Righhhtttt!!! Us wives just wrap up our own and put it to us from him. Or from ourselves even.

If I'm not mistaken, Dr. Oz also sent me a gift last year. What's the deal with Todd the Bod and Dr. Oz?!

And then maybe my favorite of all is this personal note from one of my favorite morning personalities, Robin Roberts. She's part of my morning ritual as I am getting ready for work. Thanks, Robin! You shouldn't have!

Ok, Ginny. THank you for caring!! I save these tags every year (and they've been coming like this for about 10 years or more), and didn't really think anybody would care about this little tradition from TG. I hope this gave you a chuckle! They always crack me up! Got lots of Christmas pics. Christmas morning with a 3 and 4 year old is pretty special!!



Zhohn said...

I think this is so cute, especially year after year. I'd love to know exactly what Dr. Oz gave you!? I wish I was special enough to get a personal note from Robin Roberts! Oh and Les, glad he took a few minutes to think of you.

Can not wait to see pics of the girls!!! I bet it was so much fun this year.

Ginny D. said...

LOL...I haven't even read them yet, but, THANK YOU!!

Ginny D. said... them all...and I DID crack up! The one signed "Chris Renee" is my favorite. I think the reason I find such humor in them is because my dad does the SAME THING on my mom's gifts!

I ordered a canvas with elf feet and "Believe" a couple of years ago. It sat on top of my entertainment center again this year and put a smile on my face each time I looked at it! Beautiful!

Although I comment very infrequently, I DO pay attention and read all of your posts. I'm sure there are lots more out there like me. We may be quiet, but we're readin'!

Renee said...

Man, Todd is quite the shopper. :)

Anonymous said...

That's cool! Do the gifts coordinate with the names?