Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at the Groves

I have been meaning to share with blogworld all my Christmas decorations since I first put them up (about mid November!). But, as I prepare the arduous task of taking them down, I thought this year (finally!!), I will take pics of each area so that when it is time to put everything back up next year, we have references which may make the task slightly easier and quicker. So, I'll just start this little journey in our foyer. Those are the front doors you are looking at the back of. And I LOVED the dangling ornaments from the chandelier. I'd never hung anything from that one before. I thought it was a perfect greeting that set the tone for our festive house when someone came in.

Oh, and this nice big castle has since been added, thanks to Mary Allison coming over on Christmas Day to deliver this assemble yourself (MA did it all!) and color it tiny bit by tiny bit until that whole sucker is colored. It has actually preoccupied a good bit of Ellie's time so far!

These sticks have actually had something hanging on them every single season since we moved in. It's fun to make things and change out the holidays/ seasons. I can now see snowflakes and then hearts very soon thereafter!

For Christmas, I hung my Krinkles dog collection. I have a pretty big collection of Krinkles ornaments and figurines, but only the dogs do I hang in their own special spot! they all have funny outfits, high heels, purses, shades and generally funny decor.

Remember in our old house how I used to keep Santa Claus up all year long?! I need to find him a home here too, because I LOVE him! I think he looks so jolly!

As you enter the foyer from the outside, this is the nook to the left. The Krinkles are on the right.

While I am at it, here's the front door.

I had some really cute banners that hung here for Halloween, and I called the place I got them and they hooked me up for Christmas too. I'll bet $10,000 (anybody been watching the presidentail debates!?? Poor ol' Mitt!), that they'll have Valentine's Day ones too!

My girls and I have carried on the Boo/ Yay tradition that Jake and I had when we go down the road looking to see which houses have lights on them (yay!)and which ones don't (boo!) This little tiny bit of illumination around our front door is what qualified us as a "yay house"!

I have used these little Santa faces in so many ways! I am pretty sure that I hung them on a mirror or something like that last year. THis is the first time, that I can remember, that they've been used in a wreath. I like versatile Christmas pieces!

We did like everybody else in the area did with the mesh netting as our door surround, but I didn't like how articial it looked, so I added garland. Next year, I think I'll add mesh TO garland, but for this year, it was ok.

So now, standing at the front door, looking INTO the den, this is the view. ANd please note that Ellie is in this room. Because she will also be in EVERY single room as I move on through the house. She just HAS to hang with me... no matter WHAT I am doing!

And finally, my newest Christmas addition is this FUN glittery sign that Veronicia gave me for Christmas. I absolutely love it!!

Indeed it is the most wonderful time of the year. For that matter, expect a whole week of recapping how the halls were decked and how much my babies LOVED the whole experience!

Enjoy. MO


Amy K said...

Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming recap posts!

Bj said...

Very beautiful always! Hope you and yours have had a wonderful Christmas.....huggers, BJ

Katie said...

Love your Christmas decorations!

Amy said...

I took pictures years ago to help me place how we decorate outside and in. It helps tremendously but I think sometimes it takes longer to decorate because you're following those doggone pictures! It sure looks gorgeous when it's done though.
Love this time of year, your pictures are awesome, the ornaments hanging from the fixture are adorable!

Amy said...
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Renee said...

So pretty! Love the front door!